Windows 365 – Introducing The Future of Cloud PCs

Introducing Windows 365 - The Future of Cloud PCs

Hybrid work is the new “buzzword” around the business world. This was already happening with the advent of cloud computing and has been accelerated with the pandemic requiring companies and employees to switch to a work-from-home environment for well over a year.

In the hybrid work world, employees work from home and the office. Some may spend a few days a week at one or the other, while other employees may work full-time remotely or in-office, with the company managing both.

In a survey of Australian employees, 63% of them said their ideal working model would be a hybrid of office-based and home-based work.

Microsoft has anticipated this move to a hybrid working environment and is bringing out a product designed to make the transition between working at home or the office fluid. Imagine being able to take your computer workstation with you wherever you went (without actually having to carry it)? No having to switch between two different PCs and get used to a slightly different desktop environment each time.

This is exactly the type of thing that the Windows 365 Cloud PC is designed to enable.

What is Windows 365?

Windows 365 is a user-friendly virtual PC environment that resides in the cloud. Most of the world has already become familiar with software being hosted in the cloud rather than on their hard drive. Now, imagine that your entire hard drive that powers your PC desktop environment is also cloud-based.

Windows 365 stores your personalised PC environment (operating system and all) on a cloud server, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Here are some of the highlights.

Stream Your Desktop to Any Device

Have you ever been working from home and realised you forgot an important file on your work PC? Been on vacation and forgot to load your work email on your tablet?

With Windows 365, your PC environment is virtual, so you can stream that desktop and all the files, folders, apps, and settings is contains on any device. 

So, if you need to quickly check your work email while away from the office, you don’t have to add the address to your tablet, only to have to delete tons of unneeded emails later. You could simply use your mobile device to log in and access your actual desktop with your email program on it.

Easily Scalable

If you need more storage capacity or memory to boost your workstation capacity, you won’t need to buy a whole new computer if you’re using Windows 365. Because your environment is virtual, you can easily scale your cloud PC to fit your needs and those of your company.

This makes decision-making on new computers easier because you won’t have to pay more than you need to because you’re worried about going too low on the features. Scalable means your PCs always fit your business and individual user needs.

Everyone Gets a New PC Environment 

One potential security problem is when one employee leaves and a new employee is given their workstation. If everything hasn’t been cleaned off the PC entirely, then they could end up with access to data and emails that they shouldn’t have.

When you’re requisitioning virtual PC environments for your team, everyone gets a fresh setup that is always updated and has the apps and settings they’ll need. This means less data security risk and faster onboarding for new team members.

Zero Trust Cloud Security with Windows 365

You gain more control over device security, especially if you work with remote teams. Instead of hoping an at-home employee is properly securing their device, you know exactly how secure all PC environments are because they’re in the cloud.

Windows 365 Cloud PC uses a Zero Trust architecture to protect against today’s sophisticated online attacks. This includes the use of multi-factor authentication for login access and the ability to pair MFA with Windows 365 conditional access policies.

The virtual PC has the same protections as you’ll find on physical devices as well, including Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

You Maintain Control of Your Endpoint Data

Approximately 63% of employees use personal devices for work. When employees are storing work product or accessing work applications on personal devices this adds a layer of risk for data and cloud security.

What happens if an employee quits suddenly, and the company can’t get in touch with them to get work stored on their computer back? How do you control who can access an employee’s personal device used for business?

Using a virtual PC environment through Windows 365 allows a company to stay in complete control of all business data. Employees can log in from a personal device, but the actual Windows environment and everything stored on it remains in the cloud and accessible by the company.

Learn More About Windows 365 & Discuss a Potential Upgrade When Available

Windows 365 is due out August 2, 2021. GKM2 can help your business understand the benefits and decide if a virtual PC environment makes sense for your future.

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