Windows 11 Pro for Business Is Here, What to Expect

Windows 11 Pro for Business Is Here, What to Expect

Along with the rollout of the consumer version of Windows 11, the business version also launched in October. Windows 11 Pro for Business focuses on three core areas, which include productivity, security, and ease of use for IT teams.

When managing your IT infrastructure, the operating system your team uses is the foundation of your entire workflow. It can either drive team productivity or be a barrier to reaching the peak efficiency needed to keep your company moving forward.

Windows 11 is designed for many of the changes that offices have undergone during the pandemic, which is mainly the transition to a more remote workforce. A workforce survey from February of 2021 found that 41% of Australian workers were working remotely at least one day per week. 

You’ll find the new keyword in the tech world, which is echoed by Windows 11, is the “Hybrid Workforce.”

So, what can you expect when you upgrade to Windows 11 Pro for Business? Here are several of the key new features.

Easier Multi-Tasking with Snap Layouts & Snap Groups

Multi-tasking often means having more than one window up on your screen at the same time. For example, you might be referencing figures in a spreadsheet on one side of your screen while typing a report on the other.

Struggling with getting multiple windows open on your screen at the same time can be time-consuming and can eat up productivity minute by minute.

This is being made much easier through snap layouts and snap groups in Windows 11.

Snap layouts provides several pre-configured options for viewing between 2 to 4 windows on your screen at the same time. The interface is intuitive and will adjust to your screen size and allows you to get full use of each window, scroll bar, and all.

All Windows 11 images are from Microsoft

The other part of this feature is snap groups. Which enables you to save and reuse a snap layout configuration. For example, if you often use MS Word and Excel side by side on your screen, you can save that configuration as a snap group to use it again.

More Intuitive & Less Cluttered Experience

You’re going to see a much less cluttered user interface with Windows 11. The design leans on intuitive programming that improves things like searching for a document or finding a PC setting.

The Start menu has been completely revamped and is much more “Zen-like.” All those boxes and groups of boxes are gone.

You’ll also find that the master search has been moved from the taskbar to the top of the Start menu and that the Windows icon is now grouped with the others in the center of your taskbar.

Seamless Video Calls, Audio Calls & Messaging with Teams

One of the changes that are going to be a big productivity booster for businesses is the native integration of Microsoft Teams into the taskbar.

Instead of having to pull up a program to call or chat with a colleague, users can now do it right from their desktop using the Teams icon. It enables video and audio calls, as well as messaging.

Another great feature is that you can use the messaging component to send and receive text messages. This will be a big time-saver for those people that always wished they could just text from their PC instead of having to stop to look at their phone when a message comes in.

Things like mute and unmute can also be done right from the taskbar.

More App Consistency for Easier IT Management

There are components built in that improve the consistency of the applications, making management of multiple user PCs easier for your IT team.

Updates can also be cloud-managed, allowing technicians to approve, schedule, and monitor Windows updates via the cloud. This improves the experience for your IT team and the ease of managing devices that may be located in employee home offices.

Modern Security With Hardware Protection Built-In

Microsoft has kept up with the modern security needed to address the current threat landscape. This includes using a “security by default” approach for new Windows 11 devices, which come with encryption, malware, and hardware protection.

With firmware attacks being on the rise, the added hardware security is going to be an important component for any new devices you purchase going forward.

If you want to discuss the benefits of purchasing a new Windows 11 PC rather than upgrading your current device, we’ll be happy to go through those new hardware security features with you.

Is Your Business Prepared for a Windows 11 Upgrade Yet?

It’s important to have an upgrade plan in place to ensure a smooth transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11. GKM2 can help your Sydney area business with all the necessary steps for a successful upgrade of your devices.

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