Windows 11 Is Coming, What Can You Expect?

Windows 11 Is Coming, What Can You Expect?

This holiday season, people will be looking forward to family gatherings that had been put off due to the pandemic, and in the computer world, users will be looking forward to a much-anticipated Windows version upgrade.

Just about four years before Windows 10 is scheduled to retire (in October 2025), Microsoft is bringing out its successor, Windows 11.

When is Windows 11 coming?

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is due to arrive around the holidays of 2021. There is an online rumor about it being available as early as October that hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft. These are fueled by the fact that some taskbar press images use an October 2021 date.

Regardless of whether the timing is October or December, it’s time to begin preparing your company for the upgrade so you can ensure a smooth transition.

How to Prepare for a Windows 11 Upgrade?

  • Check all devices to see if they have the minimum system requirements.
  • Plan to retire and replace any PCs that can’t be upgraded.
  • Check software compatibility for all your business tools.
  • Pre-schedule a managed upgrade with an IT professional, like GKM2.
  • Learn about the new features and train users about 1-2 weeks before the upgrade.

Key Upcoming Features of Windows 11

Designed for Hybrid Work & Learning

Microsoft has modernised the Windows interface to power the new hybrid work and learning environment we’ve all gotten used to over the last 18+ months. Remote work and learning won’t be reverting to pre-pandemic levels, so Windows 11 is designed to facilitate an easier home/work collaboration.

In 2021, the number of permanent remote employees globally is expected to double.

You’ll find a more “Zen-like” desktop environment that uses rounded corners and translucent windows. There are also several visual enhancements to make the computing experience more intuitive and productive. 

All Windows 11 images are from Microsoft.

Snap Layouts for Multiple Windows

Snap layouts gives the user six different screen layout options to display between two to four open windows at the same time. It’s designed to end the frustrations of having to manually arrange multiple windows on the screen at the same time. It also helps reduce time wasted switching from one open app window to another.Windows 11

Easier Video Calls with Teams Integration

Microsoft has been positioning Teams to take over Skype for Business users as well as be the main video app that is used by individuals and families. Microsoft Teams will take a big leap forward in ease of use by being natively integrated into Windows 11.

You’ll be able to initiate quick Teams video calls, audio calls, and chats from the taskbar without needing to open the full Teams application. The integration makes it easier to mute or unmute your mic or share your desktop during a meeting directly from the desktop taskbarWindows 11

Distraction-Free Start Menu

The Start menu got a major overhaul in Windows 10, and it’s being simplified and stripped down in Windows 11. You’ll keep all the power of the mega search that takes you to the apps, settings, and files you need instantly, but the interface is going to be distraction-free.

The Start icon has also been moved to the middle of the taskbar and the search box on the taskbar has been moved to the top of the Start menu. You can pin often visited apps or settings at the top of the menu. You’ll also see intuitive recommendations by Windows based upon your use patterns.

“The Most Accessible Windows Ever”

Microsoft calls Windows 11 its most accessible Windows version ever. The OS includes new color filters, improved controls for appearance, and more customisable sound options.

The accessibility settings have also been made easier to find in the Windows Settings area.

Another much-anticipated accessibility feature is Windows Voice Typing. This AI-powered tool adds punctuation to your sentences as it’s transcribing your voice to text.

Customisable Widget Feed

Windows 11 is adding a new customisable and personalised user feed that is accessed from the taskbar. It’s powered by widgets that users can add to give them news, information, and application information snippets.Windows 11

You can add whatever you find the most helpful in your feed. Some of the options include:

  • News headlines
  • Bing search bar
  • Weather forecast
  • Calendar
  • Stocks
  • To-do app
  • Rotating images
  • And more

Easy for IT to Deploy & Manage

Windows 11 uses the Windows 10 foundation, so users won’t feel they’re completely in alien territory after the upgrade. It’s designed for simplicity, so users can spend less time learning how to do things on the OS and more time doing them.

Further, Microsoft states that “We stand behind our promise that your applications will work on Windows 11 with App Assure.” This is a service that helps customers address any potential application compatibility issues when moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Pre-Schedule Your Windows 11 Upgrade Today

GKM2 can help your business prepare for a smooth Windows 11 upgrade and ensure the rollout is productive and minimises any office disruption.

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