Why You Need Windows 10 Professional for Your Business

Why You Need Windows 10 Professional for Your Business

When purchasing computers for your small business, you may not pay much attention to the operating system version you get. Cost-conscious business owners may just decide Windows 10 Home is fine because it’s a little cheaper than Windows 10 Professional for business.

There’s not that much difference, right? Actually, there are some major differences which is why you need the Pro version if you want to have the best OS tools for security and productivity.

Your computer desktop operating system provides a foundation for your entire business technology ecosystem. If you choose one that’s designed for home users, then you could be missing out on vital features that you need.

When computer manufacturers and developers create a “home” and “business” version of their software, it’s not just to get more money out of companies. They typically classify a “home” user as someone that doesn’t need as much security or as many administrative features, and someone not using their PC for the daily operations of an office.

Major Differences to Consider Between Window 10 Home & Professional

Sometimes paying a little more can get you a lot more in value. This is the case when you compare Windows 10 Home and Pro versions. You’ll typically be paying just a little over AU$100 more for Windows 10 Pro, but the additional features you receive make that more than worth the additional cost.

Here are some of the advantages of using Windows 10 Pro for your desktop operating system.

BitLocker Device Encryption

Windows 10 Pro comes with BitLocker a powerful hard drive encryption application. This allows you to protect a laptop or desktop from being accessed by someone if it’s lost or stolen.

The program encrypts the entire hard drive, and only the person with the passcode can unlock it.

More Control Over Windows Updates

Windows updates can come at the most inconvenient times. Updates can also sometimes have bugs or cause problems with other software after installation. If you’re a Windows 10 Home user, you have limited options for how long you can stall an update before it’s automatically installed.

However, as a Windows 10 Pro user, you gain more control over when and how those OS updates are installed. Through Windows Updates for Business, companies can enable more efficient delivery of update deployment so that productivity doesn’t take a hit from an unexpected installation.

Windows Sandbox

An important safeguard against ransomware and malware attacks is to use what’s known as “sandboxing.” This is the tactic of putting a file or app into a simulated desktop environment that’s separate from your actual computer. So, if something goes wrong in the sandbox, your PC doesn’t get harmed in any way.

The Pro version of Windows 10 comes with Windows Sandbox, which gives you the ability to create a sandbox environment on your PC.

This is also helpful when testing new applications that your business may have developed, to work out any bugs before deploying in a live PC environment.

Support for Active Directory & Azure Active Directory

The Home version of Windows 10 is not designed to have multiple employees logging into systems and apps all day long, so it doesn’t include Active Directory support.

You do get this important business feature when using the Pro version of Windows 10. 

With Active Directory, you can more easily manage all your staff PCs, printers, and files. You can also define specific security and network policies for users, devices, and groups.

Azure Active Directory support makes it possible for you to enable a single login across Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 accounts, to improve password security and make multi-factor authentication less onerous on users.

Windows Information Protection (WIP)

Data leakage from business applications has become a common cause of major data breaches. For example, the phone numbers of 267 million Facebook users were leaked online and exposed in December of 2019. 

This is often a more difficult type of data breach to defend against because it usually involves a weakness or bug in an application. To address this, Microsoft put the WIP safeguard into Windows 10 Professional.

The Windows Information Protection application helps protect apps and data against accidental leakage. This includes employee-owned devices (like smartphones) that are used to access business data.

Assigned Access

It’s not usual for companies running more than a single shift, such as a factory, to have more than one employee accessing the same device. This is also common in healthcare practices, where workstations are assigned by area or task, rather than a user.

Windows 10 Pro allows you to provide assigned access environments. So, each employee that uses their login to sign in will automatically load their environment with distinct permissions and restrictions. This keeps each identity secure and separate, no matter which device is being used.

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