Why Managed IT Services is an Excellent Value for Your Business

Just about all of today’s offices could not run without computers & devices, networks, and internet connections. That technology infrastructure has become the backbone of how we communicate with customers, create and store files, and present ourselves to the world via websites and social media.

So, when it’s not running smoothly it’s not just an inconvenience, it can mean your company comes to a standstill, costing you money each moment you’re “offline” with the rest of the world.

At GKM2, we see firsthand how well managed IT infrastructure can help a company succeed and allow them to focus on their core business rather than having to put out IT fires daily. We specialise in digital productivity, assisting with everything from how to move to the cloud to providing end to end Managed IT Services and more.

Why are managed IT services so important?

The average cost to businesses for IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. (ZDNet)

While a down computer or network might not seem like it’s costing you quite that much at the time, the hidden costs of not managing your technology effectively can add up fast and eat into your profits.

Costs of IT downtime include:

  • Lost revenue while your systems are down
  • Lost staff productivity
  • Emergency repair costs
  • Lost data recovery
  • Reputation costs that can have long-term impacts

Those costs are what managed IT services are designed to help businesses avoid by monitoring and maintaining your technology so small issues are caught before they turn into major problems.

What’s Included with Managed IT Services?

GKM2 takes managed IT services up a notch for our clients in Sydney by offering more than you’ll typically find with other IT support firms. We provide first-class system monitoring and network and desktop IT support with state-of-the-art applications.

What exactly does that mean for your business? You get the benefits of security protection and hardware/software maintenance along with strategic advice to help your technology better support your company’s mission.

Here are the advantages your company can expect by signing up for managed services with GKM2.

Automated Monitoring & Maintenance

Your technology infrastructure is monitored for any weaknesses and preventative maintenance needed. Our system updates us every 5 minutes, so we can address any concerns immediately before they can cause a problem.

Managed Patch Management

When you have multiple devices in your office, trying to keep up with critical security patches and operating system updates can be challenging, and just one that isn’t updated can leave the door open for hackers. We keep each workstation and server updated in a timely manner.

Managed Antivirus & Anti-Ransomware Protection

Approximately 60% of small businesses close their doors within 6 monthsof a data breach, making virus, ransomware, and malware protection vital for any business. Our protection platforms continually perform automated scans and fight against Zero Day Virus’ and ransomware attacks using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Managed Web Protection

Just one wrong click on a phishing email can take an employee to a malicious website. Our managed web protection blocks access to those dangerous sites as well as helps you control access to sites that aren’t productive or fit for the workplace.  If you do receive an email that looks suspicious, forward it on to us, and we will analyse it for you at no extra cost – this is an added value service to all our managed clients.

Managed Wireless

People don’t normally think about their Wi-Fi much, until it goes down and cuts everyone off from getting email or connecting to a cloud-based program. Our Managed IT services include delivering a robust wireless solution that ensures no “dead-zones” or spotty Wi-Fi connections and keeps your Wireless Access Points up to date for a consistent experience.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are important for keeping your data and network protected and helping your company stay in compliance with both Australian and European data privacy regulations. But if not administered correctly, a firewall can also cause problems with legitimate traffic, slowing your office down. We monitor and maintain next-generation firewalls to keep you protected and productive.

Managed Backup

Data loss can severely damage a company for years and the costs of not adequately backing up systems are high in the event of a computer crash or natural disaster. We offer a comprehensive ultra-secure backup that is offsite, keeping your data secure and retrievable no matter what happens.  Are you on Office 365? Then you also need to ensure you are backing up your valuable data in the cloud. Check out our whitepaper on Why Office 365 is NOT backup?

Affordable, Predictable Costs

A big benefit of managed IT services is that you can easily budget your IT costs because you pay a set monthly fee and avoid high unexpected technology costs that can come out of the blue. This gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to get hit with surprise expenses and that your IT is being properly taken care of so your business can operate at full speed

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