What’s New in Microsoft 365?

What's New in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based online suite of services that features familiar workplace programs like Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote and several additional features. It is designed to help businesses and organizations improve productivity, communication, and collaboration. Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving, with new features and updates being released regularly. 

According to report on Statista, more than 1 million companies utilize Microsoft 365, with over 800,000 of these companies located in the United States. This article offers useful tips on recent and significant updates to the Microsoft 365 app.

Significant updates on the Microsoft 365

Microsoft has been consistently introducing new features for its popular services on Microsoft 365, including new options for Team meetings, improvements to the setup process for Windows 365 Cloud PCs, new capabilities for Viva, and much more. Below are some of the latest updates to Microsoft 365:

  • Ability to Hide or Pin Meeting Videos in Microsoft Teams 

Users of Microsoft 365 may now choose to have their personal video hidden during a Microsoft Teams meeting while still being visible to other participants thanks to a new functionality released by Microsoft. Additionally, users now have the opportunity to pin their own video during the meeting stage.

  • Get Updated with Essential Trainings

Microsoft Viva Learning is now able to synchronize with some Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, and Saba Cloud. With this new link, employees may browse mandatory learning assignments from their LMS in the My Learning section of Viva Learning, and begin the courses immediately. When an employee receives a new assignment, Teams will notify them and remind them when the task is due.

  • Opportunity to Invest in Microsoft 365 with the new Adoption Score features to maximize Returns

Adoption Score’s new features are designed to enable IT administratorsrs to maximize their Microsoft 365 investment through aggregated insights. This implies that IT managers may send reminders and messages describing how teams can increase their efficiency and productivity by deploying current Microsoft 365 services.

In recognition that various departments within a company have distinct styles and requirements, there has been an introduction of group-level aggregates to Content collaboration, Communication, Meetings, and Mobility, so that IT administrators can observe nuances in every business group within the Adoption Score. Group-level aggregates allow IT administrators to filter by the five attributes of ‘Microsoft Azure Active Directory’; Country, State, City, Company, Department. This improves transparency regarding which units of a company are implementing Microsoft 365 best practices.

  • Users Can Facilitate Discussions By Getting Everyone to Follow Their View in the Whiteboard.

The latest update from Microsoft is making it simpler for everyone to stay involved regardless of where they work. Meeting facilitators who use Whiteboard’s follow function may now lead to more interesting, visually led conversations. Meeting facilitators may now use the follow function to direct everyone else on the whiteboard to their place and have them follow the facilitator’s view. 

Participants following a facilitator initially can now pause their view of the whiteboard at any moment, and then quickly continue following the facilitator when they are ready.

The Follow feature allows meeting facilitators to direct participants through the whiteboard and concentrate on important sections of a presentation. Participants will no longer have reasons to feel overwhelmed in the absence of guidance. Furthermore, facilitators won’t have to spend time at meetings directing participants to where they should focus their attention on the whiteboard.

  • Increased Visibility for Sign Language Users And Interpreters 

The Microsoft Teams’ new Sign Language view is the latest meeting experience designed to make it easier for those who are deaf or have difficulties with hearing, or anyone who use sign language to keep each other front and center at all times. The sign language view is designed for meetings with the deaf, interpreters or participants having hearing challenges. it allows for up to two signers to be visible at all times in a more reliable manner. 

When activated, the highest quality and correct aspect ratio will be used to display the prioritized video streams. This opinion, like pinning and captioning, is private and will not influence anybody else in the room. You have the option of turning on sign language view on the fly during a meeting or as a permanent setting for all future conversations.

The Teams desktop and online clients’ preview of the sign language view is live now, and it will be live for all users in the coming weeks. To learn more about our efforts in this area, please read the complete announcement or view the ASL version.

  • Automated De-clutter Email Inbox

The Microsoft’s Clutter feature can help de-clutter your email inbox by using your preferred mailbox rules to automatically arrange your messages, with high-priority emails remaining visible and other emails moving to the Clutter folder for later review.

Microsoft 365 is a constantly evolving suite of services that includes a wide range of tools and features designed to help businesses and organizations improve productivity, communication, and collaboration. 

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