What Are the Best Office 365 Add-Ins for Productivity?

Office 365 Add Ins

If your team’s been using Office 365 for a while, you may be wondering what more you can do with the platform through the use of add-ins. If you’ve ever looked in the Microsoft AppSource, then you know there are pages of add-ins available. But it’s often hard to know which will make the biggest impact.

Would you like to automate some processes to reduce manual tasks? Need help prioritizing Outlook emails? We’ve taken a look at the most popular Office 365 Add-ins to give you a short list of 10 of the most impactful in helping to boost productivity.

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Read on for the best Office 365 add-ins to use for a more efficient and productive office.

Add-Ins You’ll Want to Grab for Office 365

The right office tools can make all the difference when it comes to employee productivity. In a study of 5,000 employees from 20 countries, 56% of them said they didn’t feel they had the right technology to be productive at their jobs.

Here are the productivity add-ins that can help your team get ahead.


This email productivity tool earned 1stplace in 2017 as “Best Business Value.” Boomerang is an Office 365 add-in that helps you take control of your email inbox with the power to schedule emails to send later, put emails in “snooze” to disappear them until later, and do things like get a reminder if you haven’t heard back on a scheduling question.

Office 365 Timesheet

Make it easier to track timesheets with this handy add-in. Office 365 Timesheet has multiple time-saving features, such as:

  • Automating the employee timesheet process
  • Ability to attach times to specific projects and tasks
  • Managerial approval capability
  • Email notifications of submissions, approvals, or rejections
  • Ability to edit and resubmit timesheets


Do you spend hours trying to make a compelling PowerPoint presentation? Reduce that time significantly with this presentation short-cut. PIckit won 1stplace in 2018 as “People’s Choice Award” and makes it simple to create stunning slides based on pre-built collections and presentation design tips and layout suggestions.

iPlanner Pro Office 365

Another award winner, garnering 3rdplace in 2018 as “Best Business Value”, this super planning tool helps you and your team expertly organize projects and manage tasks from within Outlook. It automatically saves tasks as calendar appointments and gives you a quick overview of tasks sorted by status and date.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Voted “Best Overall App” in 2018, Nintex Workflow for Office 365 allows you to save time, reduce repetitive tasks, and reduce keying errors by automating processes. It has a user-friendly interface (no coding required) and can enable things like:

  • Automate provisioning of SharePoint sites
  • Assign and track customer support tickets
  • Gather content from and publish content to third-party repositories
  • Scan social media for actionable discoveries

Help Desk Plus

Need some help handling customer inquiries in an organized way? Help Desk Plus is an Office 365 add-in that you can integrate with multiple systems using Microsoft Flow. You can follow customer requests, create custom email notifications, and create user satisfaction surveys.

MyScript Math Sample

Do you work with calculations, such as estimating energy savings for a specific steam process or estimating a building surface area? This Office 365 add-in won 2ndplace in 2017 for “Best User Experience.” It allows you to hand write (with a stylus, finger or mouse) an equation, and have it automatically converted into clean typeset equations that can be inserted into your Word document.

Forms Designer by Virto

Gathering data for vendor forms or customer quotes can be time consuming if you don’t have a fillable form. This simple forms designer gives you the power to create custom SharePoint Online forms that use images, column, buttons, and more. Preset layouts make form creation fast and easy.

JungleMail – Newsletter Tool for Office 365

Looking for a way to send out email newsletters from within Office 365? JungleMail is specifically designed to allow you to send newsletters and other group emails using SharePoint Online. Get features like personalization of recipients and the ability to track link clicks and use an easy drag-and-drop builder to design attractive, responsive emails.

Dolphin Compose – Common Phrase Library

Is your team always having to look up your corporate mission statement when adding it to documents? Do you end up with different messaging across your marketing assets? Dolphin Compose helps you get a handle on corporate branding by creating a library of phrases, statements, and boilerplate text that can be accessed easily from within Office 365.

Get the Most Out of Your Office 365 Subscription

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