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Did You Know? You Can Now Do Webinars in Microsoft Teams!

Did You Know? You Can Now Do Webinars in Microsoft Teams!

There has been a steep rise in the need to meet and conduct business virtually due to the pandemic, which necessitated the need for new cloud tools. For example, the number of users for Microsoft teams skyrocketed from 32 million in March of 2020 to 145 million in April 2021. 

One additional cost that many companies have faced during the pandemic is the need to buy a subscription to both a video conferencing tool and a webinar tool. Unfortunately, many video applications like Zoom or Teams were great for meetings but lacked the registration and follow-up email system that facilitates webinar events.

On the other side, webinar programs are set up to register people for pre-scheduled virtual presentations, but not great as a daily virtual meeting tool. This left companies needing to buy both, and employees having to learn two different interfaces and processes.

Organisations waste about 30% of their cloud spend per year.

Microsoft has changed all that, allowing companies to consolidate both types of video interactions into a single application. It has just added webinar capabilities to Microsoft Teams, a component of Microsoft 365.

How Webinars in Microsoft Teams Works

You’ll find several new features that have been added recently to Microsoft Teams, with webinars being one of the most useful to companies. Being able to consolidate all your video activities (group meetings, 1:1 chats, webinar presentations, live broadcasts) into a single application lowers costs and improves user experience.

Employees no longer have to use two completely different interfaces to conduct meetings and presentations. All your administrative functions also stay under a single umbrella.

Here’s what you’ll find when exploring the new webinar feature in Teams.

Invite Up to 1,000 Attendees in Microsoft Teams Webinars

Teams is available with your Microsoft 365 business subscription, so you’re not paying anything additional for the ability to use the application to host webinars. You can host up to 1,000 participants, giving you plenty of capability to hold large events.

If you want that same capacity from a webinar service such as GoToWebinar, you’re looking at a current price of approximately AU$500/month. 

Custom Registration Pages

You can customise your webinar registration page with your company branding and to fit your audience. 

Image credit: Microsoft

You can customise the registration form in the following ways:

  • Add event details
  • Add speaker information
  • Add a header image
  • Add custom questions

The link to your webinar registration page can be copied and shared however you like (social media, text, messaging, etc.).

Automated Email Confirmation With Link

When someone registers for your webinar, Teams will automatically send them a confirmation along with details on how to join the webinar. This is done by the system, so you don’t have to send these out manually.

You also can customise this email for your webinar audience.

Post Event Reporting

It’s important to be able to gauge the effectiveness of your webinars by looking at post attendee reporting. You have access to reports for webinars held in MS Teams, including how many registered, how many attended, and more.

Professional Presentation Modes

The new Presenter Mode feature in Teams gives you an added feature that you don’t see in many webinar tools. You get three options for how your video feed and presentation appear on the screen to your attendees.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Standout Mode: Your video is layered in front of your presentation. 
  • Side-by-Side Mode: Your video and presentation share the screen.
  • Reporter Mode: Your video is larger with the presentation smaller, over your shoulder.

Attendee Controls

As a webinar presenter, you have control over attendee features. For example, many webinars initially have video and sound disabled for attendees and then allow them to ask questions at the end of the presentation. 

You can set these controls up before your presentation to ensure all goes smoothly.

Use PowerPoint Live to Enable More Interaction

Not every participant is going to follow along with your presentation at the same pace. Some might like to look at a slide a little longer, while others may want to jump ahead.

You can give your attendees more control to navigate your PowerPoint presentation slides on their own during the presentation with PowerPoint Live. This feature works fluidly within Teams and allows presenters more control and ease of use when presenting.

Image credit: Microsoft

Some of the additional features include:

  • See chats in a side panel
  • Have access to your notes without participants seeing them
  • See participant video feeds without getting in the way of your presentation
  • See what slides are coming next
  • Jump between slides instantly

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