Everything You Need To Know About Viva Sales, Microsoft’s Newest Productivity Tool

Everything You Need to Know About Viva Sales, Microsoft's Newest Productivity Tool

Microsoft Viva Sales redefines the user experience and increases efficiency. The platform is designed for salespeople who frequently find it challenging to connect with their clients and are mostly preoccupied with administrative tasks

According to a study, 61% of salespersons find selling much more challenging than how it was some years ago. But, with the aid of Viva, retailers can spend less time managing their business.

Viva is a comprehensive employee experience platform that integrates communications, information, learning, objectives, and analytics to enable every individual and team to achieve their best from anywhere.  

What you need to know about Viva Sales

  • Microsoft 365 and Teams power Viva Sales; as a result, it can organise tasks, see insights, analyse data, and communicate. Due to its strength and security, Viva provides the ideal digital employee experience.
  • Viva Sales gives a salesperson the resources they need to carry out their duties while also providing leadership information. 
  • A salesperson can tag customers while working in Outlook, Teams, or Office programs like Excel, and Viva Sales will instantly record customer details overlaid with all pertinent customer data. This information can be quickly shared with team members while working together.
  • Viva Sales prioritises work and future actions by recommending the following steps to move customers through the sales funnel. In addition, real-time customer analytics help you better understand each customer’s stage of the buying process and how to steer the connection.
  • Additionally, Viva Sales offer AI-driven suggestions to help salespeople improve customer interaction. These suggestions include helpful reminders and tips to speed up and close more sales. 
  • Context IQ was introduced last autumn and is being used by Viva Sales to connect pertinent content across Microsoft services and apps, such as Microsoft 365, in other to help salespeople save time and remain productive.

Features of Microsoft Viva Sales & the Viva Platform

The following are the top five features Microsoft Viva.

1. Insights Viva

One of Microsoft Viva’s key features is Viva Insights. With data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations, it raises productivity and well-being. In essence, Viva Insights aids in your exploration of healthier work habits. Additionally, it monitors and enhances the efficacy of the meeting. You must put your well-being first as a salesperson. As a result, Viva Insight provides concrete tips to help you accomplish this, such as setting aside time for focused work.

2. Viva Goals

 This Viva Sales feature helps sellers define, assess, and analyse their goals and sales targets.

Setting, managing, and achieving goals for oneself and one’s team is now possible with Viva. They can generate achievements by coordinating teams with their organisation’s strategic aims. With the assistance of integrated solutions like Microsoft Teams, they can seamlessly link groups of people to shared objectives. Viva sales aid in aligning, concentrating, and integrating goals. Viva goal help you to;

  • Maintain high-impact work by easily viewing and sharing progress and enabling check-ins and pushes in Microsoft.
  • Present progress at a meeting by using customisable presentation templates, it is simple to share progress, context, lessons, and next steps with employees.

3. Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva provides Viva Learning as another fantastic element that aids in the quick growth of businesses and sales. It turns learning into a daily activity. Learning can readily be incorporated into workplaces where people already spend time.

4. Viva Topics

Viva Topics is another crucial pillar you get with Microsoft Viva. Employees can use Viva Topics to put their expertise to use. It draws its ideas from daily-use apps. With built-in security and compliance capabilities, employees can view their content automatically sorted across apps and teams. Viva Topics offers three key features: Identification, Curation, and Discovery.

5. Viva Connections

Viva Connections is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and will feature community forums, town halls, employee resource groups, and company news. Essentially, it serves as a dashboard for communicating remotely with coworkers. Viva connection helps you to achieve the following;

  • Encourage employees to share their ideas and opinions: Make your workplace a place where everyone’s ideas and voices are valued, and employees can engage and participate from anywhere.
  • Initiate meaningful conversations: Build trust and transparency through dialogue and the distribution of polls and surveys.
  • Create a healthy and inclusive workplace: With data-driven recommendations, you can boost employee engagement and turn inclusion feedback into daily actions.  

Looking to Switch to Viva Sales?

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