Cloud Waste Has Doubled! Learn How to Use the Cloud More Effectively

Cloud Waste Has Doubled! Learn How to Use the Cloud More Effectively

Working in the cloud has now become a standard, and any companies that were still on the fence a year ago, were pushed to the cloud by the pandemic. Today’s teams need the ability to connect to their work from any location and any device.

A report from Blissfully on Annual SaaS Trends reveals that companies in Sydney and the rest of the world are running into big problems with cloud services waste, redundancies, and unnecessary costs.

According to the report, cloud waste has doubled year over year as companies try to figure out how to best deploy the cloud in their organisations. Cloud spend is up 50%, which isn’t a surprise, but cloud churn has also risen by 30%.

Another indicator that companies are struggling with using the cloud in a cost efficient and productive way is that the average company has 3.6 duplicate apps. Meaning they’re paying for the same features over three times in app subscriptions.

Now that the cloud adoption phase has passed for most businesses, it’s time to move onto the cloud optimisation phase to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Steps for Reducing SaaS Waste & Boosting Cloud Efficiency

There are a few different factors that go into the large amount of cloud churn and cloud waste that are happening in businesses around the world. These include:

  • No clear cloud strategy
  • Apps are used in the moment by employees, with no clear use policy
  • One person in a company (usually the “boss”) chooses apps they like, instead of apps that make sense for their business

Here are steps that you can take to reduce cloud inefficiencies and waste at your company.

Uncover All Apps Being Used at Your Company

It might seem easy at first to list out all the apps your company uses, but there are often several shadow apps out there that administrators may not even realise employees are using.

The use of shadow IT has become particularly problematic as more employees are working remotely and may use apps they have on a home PC or that they feel they need, but without any specific authorisation.

In large enterprises, shadow IT can represent 30% to 40% of technology spending.

You need to know your starting point before you can begin to optimise, so use the following to create a list of all SaaS tools being used in your company:

  • Ask the accounting department for a list of app subscriptions being paid
  • Ask employees to list all applications they use
  • Get input from your IT provider on the applications in use at your company

Survey Employees on App Use

It’s important to know how cloud apps are working from the people that use them everyday in their workflows. A flashy website can make a tool sound great, but does it really deliver on its promises?

Create a survey for your employees that includes questions such as:

  • List the 3 business apps you could not do without
  • List the 3 business apps you’d like to see replaced
  • Which apps do you wish our company used and why?
  • What areas of your workflow are missing the right cloud tools?

These surveys will help you narrow down which apps to keep and which you can drop.

Review All-In-One Platforms

One of the biggest inefficiencies with cloud use is when companies are using several different apps, all from different software platforms that don’t integrate or share data easily.

One of the best ways to streamline your workflows is to use an all-in-one platform, like Microsoft 365. This improves the user experience because they’re able to learn one main interface and easily connect data from one tool to another.

This also greatly improves security because it’s easier to apply standard policies across all your applications.

Create a Cloud Plan with an IT Pro

Companies can often be shortsighted when choosing cloud tools. This is why the churn rate has become so high.

It’s important to have a cloud strategy mapped out that will not only dictate the apps you’re using today, but how apps are added in the future so they integrate instead of complicate your cloud environment.

GKM2 has a cloud strategy team that can help you lay out a successful strategy based upon apps you’re using now, best practices for streamlining, and your company’s unique mission and workflows.

Create a Cloud Use Policy

Shadow IT and inefficient cloud use can easily get out of hand because there is no roadmap or policy to follow. Create a cloud application use policy so employees know things such as:

  • Which apps can and can’t be used
  • The process for suggesting an app be added to a workflow
  • The basic integration/compatibility requirements for any potential new SaaS tool

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency with a Smart Cloud Strategy

GKM2 can sit down with you and do a full review of your cloud tool environment and help you streamline to improve productivity and remove unnecessary costs.

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