Exciting Updates to Microsoft Office 365 You Should Know About!Exciting Updates to Microsoft Office 365 You Should Know About!

One of our favourite things about Microsoft is the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. It’s well-known that Microsoft approaches innovation with a ‘growth mindset’; this means listening to their customers and constantly evolving their solutions to exceed expectations.

So far, this strategy has paid off. Research indicates that more than 50% of companies across the globe use Teams, while Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide. Moreover, it’s not just enterprises that are using these tools. The number of frontline workers using Teams has doubled over the last year. 

In a recent blog post, Microsoft shared that it is planning to reinvigorate Teams and Office 365 with some new updates, designed to make hybrid work more efficient, enjoyable and collaborative. 

Here’s what’s to come in the next few months.  

Create the Office Experience of the Future

Microsoft research indicates that employees still want to come to the office – just not all time. However, the biggest challenge for employees is knowing when to visit the office. Many employees also struggle to notify their teams when they will be working from home or in the office.

To simplify this, Microsoft is updating Outlook with a button that will allow your people to RSVP to meetings, and note whether they plan to attend in person or virtually. We expect this function to go live in the next couple of months. 

Drive Purposeful Meetings in Your Company 

Last year, Microsoft launched Cameo – a PowerPoint widget that enables you to integrate your Teams camera feed into your PowerPoint presentation, so you can decide where you appear within your presentation. Cameo is set to launch in the next few months – and so is another exciting innovation. 

Cameo will be combined with another feature, called recording studio, which will allow your people to record and produce their presentations so that they can be consumed later should someone not be able to attend a meeting. While Teams meetings already have a recording function, it can feel a little clunky, so it’s great to see that Microsoft has put some thought into remote presentations. 

That’s not all on the presentation front! Microsoft has also announced a feature called Speaker coach, which uses artificial intelligence to give employees feedback on their presentations: whether they’re speaking too fast or slow, being dynamic enough and so on. 

Empower Mobile Working and Enhanced Collaboration 

 Teams already has a mobile app but, soon, Teams Phone will reach new heights with Operator Connect, a feature that allows you to connect your desk phone number with your mobile number so that you can receive calls no matter where you are – without interruptions. 

Operator Connect is expected to be out in the latter half of the year. If your employees often work on the go, this feature is well worth utilising! 

Teams Connect shared channels are a great way forward for companies that would like to use Teams to collaborate with external clients and suppliers. This feature enables you to securely add external Teams users from other companies to a dedicated Teams channel, where you can collaborate and communicate with ease. Microsoft has stated that Teams Connect will enter preview at the end of March – so stay tuned!

Loops Rollout Continues!

We wrote about Microsoft Loop last month, and we’re pleased to say that the rollout is continuing to occur. Now, Loop Components is available in Outlook, making it simple for you to keep track of projects with your colleagues, share ideas and cross off group to-do lists in an informal, intuitive way.  

More Emphasis on Community in the Workplace 

Workplace culture is a huge part of employee satisfaction, but we all know that maintaining a sense of community can be difficult at a distance. In fact, more than half of employees report feeling lonely while working from home. Loneliness isn’t just bad for morale. It can negatively impact productivity, job performance and retention.

To help with this, Microsoft has recently launched Fluent emojis on Teams. Your employees can tailor these three-dimensional emojis so that they look more like themselves. This enables your people to show their personality in the workplace – even while communicating digitally! 

Unlock the Benefits of Microsoft in Your Business 

Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to Sydney businesses of all sizes, helping to save time, money and free up valued resources. 

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