Top IT Trends for 2021

Top IT Trends for 2021

Whenever the calendar turns over to a new year, it’s a time of anticipation for what the upcoming months will bring.

Those Sydney area businesses that are prepared for what’s to come, will be the best positioned with managed services, hardware, and software in place to take advantage of new innovations.

For example, when cloud services were new and still going through discovery and adoption, the businesses that adopted early benefited the most in increased productivity. According to a survey of Australian businesses, 78% of users said they experienced improvements in productivity as a result of migrating to cloud services.

So, what trends should you prepare for in 2021? Here’s a rundown of what to expect in technology focus this year.

API Security

With more web applications in use in business workflows than ever, the security of these programs is becoming increasingly important.

API security relates to authentication of both users and programs who are invoking a web API (application programming interface). It ensures that anyone accessing a cloud account or a program writing or deleting files has the proper authority to do so.

Expect to see this as a major focus in 2021 to help protect cloud accounts from credential breaches and rogue programs.

5G Will Finally Begin to Hit Its Stride

5G has been promising to bring lightning-fast speeds and greatly improved use of IoT devices, but it’s taken a while for the rollout to happen. Both internet service providers and device manufacturers are expected to have much of their 5G architecture ready this year.

This means that companies can take advantage of smart IoT sensors that improve everything from energy consumption to manufacturing lines. Laptops are also already being sold with 5G capabilities, so this is a feature you’re going to want to take notice of when purchasing any electronics from now forward.

Work-from-Home Office Technology

During the pandemic, as many as 88% of Australian organisations either required or encouraged employees to work from home, and this trend isn’t going anywhere after the pandemic passes.

Many businesses have noted the productivity improvements and cost reductions that come with a remote team and are planning to keep a remote working option in place permanently.

This is going to cause an explosion in technology directly related to remote team network security, collaboration, and facilitation. Expect to see new technologies being developed specifically for companies that are run by work-from-home employees.

The Customer Data Platform

Now that the cloud is fully mature, it’s going to be going through an evolution to make sharing data between applications much easier and more intuitive.

One of these evolutions is the rise of the Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is different from a CRM, in that a CDP is designed to be a central database of all customer information (personal details, demographics, sales data) that can be accessed by multiple applications.

This eliminates the problem of data silos, where one department only has access to the customer data they’ve collected, and stops the need for time-consuming re-entry of data from one program into another.

The Internet of Behaviours (IoB)

The type of data that we can collect from users is increasing at a rapid pace and has gone well beyond form data that people enter themselves.

The Internet of Behaviours is the trend of looking at how people interact with technology and improving their experience through insights from that data.

For example, some mobile applications can detect eye movements throughout apps or when users are scrolling on websites. Through advanced behaviour analytics they can determine what content people like, what they don’t like, and what keeps a person engaged with the content.

Another way that IoB can be used is an insurance company monitoring data from a fitness app and adjusting premiums accordingly.

Operate From Anywhere Model

The 2020 pandemic and related lockdowns took just about every business owner, manager, and CEO on the planet by surprise. They suddenly had to operate their companies without being in their building.

To avoid that type of disruption in the future, companies will begin moving to an “operate from anywhere” model, which allows their business to go virtual if needed and continue operating no matter what physical event may strike their office.

This could look like a company outsourcing fulfilment operations to two different warehouses, to give them logistics options in the event of a crisis. It also means putting all office productivity in the cloud, so employees can access their work and business tools from anywhere.

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