Get Your Office Relocated Safely with These Technology Moving Tips

Get Your Office Relocated Safely with These Technology Moving Tips

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the growth in the number of businesses has hit 7%, breaking the highs of 3.8% and 2.0% respectively in the previous two years. This tells us that businesses are expanding and creating jobs for smaller businesses to come into the market and make their mark. Every business wants to improve its bottom line, cater to more needs, provide more solutions, and challenge the bigger companies in that sector. In other words, businesses want to expand. 

However, the expansion brings an issue that requires immediate action, relocation. As companies expand, there is a need to move out of cramping old spaces and into new and bigger ones, to ensure that they can match demand and handle more supply. Hence, there will always be a constant need for businesses to move and change locations. 

While moving is necessary, it is not always fun. In fact, it becomes more challenging when you have to move various technology items. To ensure a smooth transition in your office and minimise the risk of damage or data loss, it is crucial to incorporate IT security practices alongside following proper technology moving tips.

This article highlights some essential moving tips to follow when getting your office relocated.

Tips To Follow When Relocating Your Office

Having to move your office can be a bit strenuous, but when not done properly and safely can be a disaster. Here are some tips to get your office safely relocated: 

Plan well ahead of time

To ensure the success of anything, it is important to plan for it very well ahead. This is important as it will help the people involved in planning to make the best decisions and prepare for any issues that might crop up. Office relocation is no different. 

There are so many items that have to be moved from the office, and many of these items need to be moved simultaneously or sequentially to get the best results and ensure the move is safe and seamless.

To do this: Once the location and the availability of the new space have been confirmed, create a committee to effectively plan how the office will be moved, which items will be moved first, how it will be packed, safety measures for the items, and the best ways it will be arranged in the new office. This plan should be made long before the move starts.

This will help you execute the move easier, and ensure you are safely prepared to move your office to your new location. 

Back-Up Your Data

Before disconnecting any computers or servers, ensure that all essential data is backed up. Use secure cloud storage, external hard drives, or backup software to safeguard critical information. This step is crucial to protect your business’s valuable data from potential mishaps during the moving process. It will also help to maintain cyber resilience and ensure malicious actors do not take advantage of the loophole relocation might bring.

Carry the IT team along

While all departments should be notified, notifying the IT department should take precedence. You should look to give your IT team at least three months’ notice of what you plan to do and how you want it done. As previously said, there is a lot of important IT equipment to pack, and they need to be transported as carefully as possible, in order not to lose data or replace them. 

Giving the IT department this much time will help them make their own plans of how to move their equipment and back up essential data while ensuring minimum damage to equipment and avoiding disrupting business operations. 

Notify clients of location change

It is important to let your clients and customers know that you are changing your company’s location, and this should be part of the relocation plan. If part of your business operations and services requires clients to come to your physical space, then you have to notify them of this information. 

Cards, pamphlets, brochures, and other notification materials having the new address should be given to customers after providing services and as part of referral programs to ensure word gets out. Billboards and advertisements informing them of the new address are also a plus.

Keeping everyone informed will ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted communication with your stakeholders.

Use Colour-coding 

Regardless of if your business is a large or small one, the use of colour coding is a must-follow technology tip when moving. Colour-coding packing boxes, bubble wraps, bags, and more help to indicate which department or area each box belongs to. 

For example, you could assign all equipment related to the IT department with a red colour code, the marketing department items with a blue colour code, and the finance-related items with a green colour code. This moving strategy helps in keeping things organised while unpacking and aids in faster equipment setup at the new office.

Hire professional IT relocation services 

Moving IT equipment is not the usual relocation task, as this needs to be done safely. To safely move IT equipment, hiring experienced IT relocation movers is the best option. These professionals have the skills, expertise, and specialised equipment needed to handle sensitive technology equipment safely. 

They use appropriate materials such as anti-static packaging, shock-absorbing materials, and specialised containers to protect your sensitive devices during transit. With their expertise, you can trust that your equipment will be handled safely and with utmost care.

Note: Inform professional movers about your color-coded system and provide them with a layout plan for the new office space. This will help them understand the arrangement of equipment and ensure they handle each item with care, following the assigned color codes.

Also, it is important to find this company as early as possible. Get a moving company that has successfully moved IT equipment without any damages or costs incurred during the process. 

Need Help to Safely Move Your Office and Still Stay Cyber Safe?

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