What Can We Expect from the Microsoft Teams Integration in Windows 11?

What Can We Expect from the Teams Integration in Windows 11?

The major operating system (OS) update that people have been waiting on for over several months is now rolling out. Windows 11 began rollout on October 5th and will continue being incrementally available to Windows 10 users into mid-2022.

The upgrade is free for Windows 10 users with compatible devices, and the productivity-boosting features, like snap layouts, will have many users upgrading sooner rather than later. 

One of the biggest additions which will boost the profile of Microsoft Teams significantly, is that the app is natively integrated into Windows 11 with an app front and centre on the taskbar.

Microsoft has been positioning Teams to be the “go-to” application for all types of online communications, including video, chat, and messaging. Earlier this year, it discontinued Skype for Business altogether and also added a free version of Teams to introduce it to consumers and smaller businesses.

That positioning is taking a big leap in Windows 11, and it promises to catapult Teams as the main app that people use to communicate.

We’ll go through exactly what you can expect and the new features this integration brings to Teams.

One-Touch Chat, Call, & Video from the Taskbar

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You no longer need to open a separate application or try to guide colleagues or family on how to download an app to connect. The Teams icon replaces the old “meet now” icon on the taskbar and it allows you to click to instantly start a chat or a meeting.

This improves the online meeting experience by removing the barriers to connection, such as tricky downloads or confusion over which app to open.

Use Text Messaging from Your Windows PC

Any Windows users that currently use an iPhone, know that they have limited capabilities when it comes to connecting their phone and PC. The same can be true of other phones that don’t connect to Windows easily to allow texting from a PC.

That is changing with Teams in Windows 11. Users can now use Teams to connect with anyone for free, and this includes sending SMS messages (no matter what phone you use).

This makes texting easier for those who prefer a full keyboard to tapping out a text on a small smartphone keypad. It also makes for a more efficient workflow (i.e. you don’t need to stop what you’re doing and pull out your device to read an incoming SMS).

New Chat Capabilities

Currently, if you want to chat with work colleagues, customers, or friends, you all need to decide which app you’re using and be signed in (Slack, Teams, etc.). This can leave you waiting on important information if someone isn’t signed in or can mean you miss an urgent chat message if you’re signed out of an app.

One feature that is going to make Teams the preferred method for chat for many companies is that people don’t need to be signed in to get messages. If someone isn’t signed into Teams, they can receive the message in an SMS message and can respond instantly.

Some of the new chat capabilities include:

  • Bring up chat in Windows 11 with a keyboard shortcut (Win-C)
  • Both individual and group chats are available
  • If someone isn’t on Teams, they can get the message via SMS and email

Connect from Any Device

You can participate in chats and video meetings from any device that has Teams installed, it doesn’t have to be from a Windows 11 PC.

This makes Teams a convenient video meeting app for you to use with everyone, including customers, vendors, co-workers, etc. because there are native clients for just about any other device. This includes Android, iOS, Windows 10 (for those that haven’t upgraded yet), Mac, and Linux.

Skype Contacts are Brought in Automatically

When you first open Microsoft Teams on Windows 11, it will recognise any Skype contacts that you have and add them. You’ll also see any existing Teams contacts you have. 

While you won’t be able to continue communications from within Skype, you can connect with those same contacts in Microsoft Teams without having to re-locate them.

Easily Connect With Anyone

Connecting with people and adding them as new conversations is also a quick process with the new Teams integration. Just double click or tap on an existing contact to start a chat, audio, or video call.

You can add a new contact by using either their email address or phone number. If they don’t have a Teams consumer account, they’ll receive either an email or SMS, depending upon the contact you used. This will include information on how to join Teams.

Integration With Outlook & Calendar

Keep all your contacts and appointments organised through integration with Outlook and Calendar. This makes it easy to connect meeting calls to meetings on your calendar and sync all your contact information.

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