5 SharePoint Features that Will Improve User Experience and Drive Adoption

5 SharePoint Features that Will Improve User Experience and Drive Adoption

It’s not always easy to make the improvements that you would like to your workflows. Users tend to get comfortable with a certain way of doing things and resist change to their businesses processes.

Some of the worries that make employees resist change and improvements in their processes include:

  • Fear that the new way will be harder
  • Fear that they won’t be able to complete tasks as well as the “old” way
  • Not having enough information about the new process
  • Not understanding the benefits of the “new” way

This fear of change can cause companies to get stuck in old ways of doing things and keep them from taking advantage of optimisations that can save them money and improve productivity.

One of the applications that most companies subscribing to Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) have in their toolbox to improve communication processes is SharePoint. Yet, this program often goes unused or under-utilised simply because people don’t fully understand how to use it.

If a fear of change or lack of understanding has been keeping your business from taking advantage of SharePoint, the following features that improve user experience will help you drive adoption.  In the rest of this article, you will find out how you can improve user experience with these 5 SharePoint features.

Improve Your Users’ Day-to-Day Communications with SharePoint

Companies are often seen as disorganised or inefficient if they don’t handle communication well. This leads to users having to repeat information that’s already been shared, such as an HR person having to send the same time off form to users multiple times per year. Very inefficient!

74% of clients have ended their relationship with a company and moved to a competitor because they felt the company was disorganised.

Getting user buy-in for SharePoint can improve both your internal and external communications and take your business to the next level. Here are several features that can win over your team and improve adoption.

5 SharePoint Features to Drive Adoption

Dynamically Serve Content with Web Parts

SharePoint is a new way to share information through a web-based portal. Is your HR department tired of constantly being asked for employee forms? A SharePoint communication site can host forms and make them instantly available to everyone at any time.

A feature that makes these communication sites even more helpful is the ability to add web parts, which are embedded blocks of information.

Here are a few ways to use them:

  • Need a better way to direct people to your office? Insert a Bing map onto a customer-facing SharePoint Communication site.
  • Improve department coordination by inserting a Group calendar web part.
  • Easily quiz employees on cybersecurity with a Microsoft form webpart inserted on your companywide SharePoint site.

Keep Departments on the Same Page

One of the frustrations that many employees have is when they can’t find files they need or have to ask colleagues more than once for the same information.

Emailing files back and forth is inefficient and can cause duplicate files, lost communication trails, and general confusion.

A SharePoint Team site is designed to be accessible only by a particular department or team (like those planning a project). It’s a central, web-accessible place to keep a document library and dynamically and securely share information within the group so everyone is on the same page and has the information they need.

Site Templates for Quick Creation

Some users might not feel they’re “artsy” enough to put together a mini website for sharing information, but SharePoint is designed to be easy for anyone to use.

SharePoint sites can be created from a template and then users can simply drag and drop images, files, and other site assets onto the page.

Users can also save a template for reuse by others to keep sites consistent.

Keep Lists Within Your Team Communications

Employees often have to deal with several different apps when working on a project. For example, a team working on a new product launch may find they have to create a list of event details in a different program than the one they’re using to share files.

SharePoint allows users to make, share, and collaborate on lists right inside the application. So, a product launch team can keep all files, communications, and to do lists in one platform without needing to find workarounds for part of their workflow.

Save Time with Dynamic @ Mentions

You’ve just added a new manual to the SharePoint site for your sales team. Now you have to take time to email everyone to let them know it’s there… or do you?

SharePoint allows you to use @mentions, which pick up other Microsoft 365 users, when you post new content to a SharePoint Site. It will automatically email them when their name is mentioned. This means just a few extra keystrokes instead of having to type an entirely new email just to tell people to check out the new material.

Learn How to Transform Your Communication Strategy with SharePoint

SharePoint can significantly improve your business communications both inside and outside your office. GKM2 can help you and your team understand and explore the capabilities.

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