5 Benefits of Utilising SharePoint as Your Company’s Intranet

5 Benefits of Utilizing SharePoint as Your Company’s Intranet

Digital communication has become key in today’s technology-rich environment where new files and data are being created all the time.  How that communication flows inside an organisation can often determine how effective the company operates on a daily basis.

Employees that are well connected to each other are 20-25% more efficient than those that aren’t. Making it important for businesses to find tools to help drive engagement, connection, and information sharing.

One of the best ways to share information internally is by using a company intranet. This is an internal network that allows companies to share information privately inside their organisation to keep employees updated, informed, and make it easier for them to locate the resources they need to do their jobs.

Intranets can improve company data sharing and communication in a number of ways, including:

  • Acting as a digital library, making it easier to find company resources
  • Allowing for secure file sharing within a department or team
  • Keeping employees engaged and connected
  • Optimising the onboarding process
  • Connecting people in different locations and time zones

How you put that intranet together matters. It needs to be easy to use, offer visually driven interfaces, and be organised to make it easier to find things, not more difficult.

One platform that checks all those boxes and that’s part of the powerhouse Microsoft 365 suite is SharePoint.

SharePoint makes creating a company intranet easy, while also providing companies vital security and structure to ensure internal communications stay efficient.

Why SharePoint is an Excellent Company Intranet Platform

Approximately 1 in every 2 corporations use SharePoint for their internal intranet. It offers several benefits that not only make for efficient information sharing, but also help to create a cohesive and integrated cloud network for a company.

Without integrated systems, information can easily get lost in a sea of digital files and apps or become too cumbersome to move from one platform to another manually.

Why should you be using SharePoint for your company intranet? Here are several ways it can benefit you like it has others.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Locate Information

Just looking for the files and data needed to perform their job takes employees approximately 25% of their workday.

That’s a lot of time inefficiency spent searching for webpages, documents, presentations, forms, and other information. And it’s often the case that several employees are spending time searching for the same data.

For example, you may have employees in two different departments both looking for a specific company document related to an onboarding process.

Using SharePoint allows you to reduce the time it takes to find things, by having resources in organised and easy-to-access SharePoint sites that allow a document to be located in seconds instead of minutes.

For example, HR could have a SharePoint communication site that’s public to everyone in the company which hosts all common HR files and forms that people access regularly, such as documents about onboarding, time off forms, and more.

This means people spend less time searching individually for commonly used files, websites, or other information.

Makes Internal File Sharing & Communication Visually Engaging

The building blocks in the SharePoint intranet make it easy for people to add images, downloadable files, and other page components that make an intranet visually engaging.

If your intranet is just a page of text with files to download, it’s much less likely employees will use it regularly or feel more engaged with your organisation if they do.

SharePoint is designed to look like other internet sites, only they’re for internal use only within your company. Templates make it simple to add content that’s image-rich and engages your team and makes them want to use your intranet.



Engaged employees raise company profitability by an average of 21%.

Secure Information by Team or Department

SharePoint allows companies to create a more useful intranet that isn’t just one page that the entire company can access, but that can include both “all company” pages and team or department specific pages.

For example, an R&D department could set up a SharePoint team site that only designated members of the R&D team could access. This security allows your intranet to facilitate communication sharing in a way that keeps data safe and only accessed by those who need it.

Integrates with the Microsoft Programs

SharePoint is natively integrated with Microsoft programs, making it simple to share Word documents, PowerPoint and more. SharePoint is also connected to Microsoft Teams, and every time a Team is created, a SharePoint intranet site is automatically provisioned for them that includes the same security settings as the team.

Teams allows you to create a tab to a SharePoint site on your channel or any files within it, giving employees a place to easily access your company intranet within their Teams workhub.

It’s Organised and Comprehensive

One problem that companies have with an intranet is that it can become disorganised, which makes it difficult to use. So, employees end up not using it and not benefitting from something that was meant to make their work easier and more engaging.

SharePoint is set up with a structure that’s commonsense and keeps all sites within the intranet organised. It uses the following framework:

  • SharePoint Team Sites: To share information within a specific team, group, or department.
  • SharePoint Communication Sites: To share information companywide.
  • SharePoint Hub Sites: To organise all SharePoint sites into a comprehensive directory.

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Do You Need Help Setting Up an Effective Intranet?

Today’s technology-driven world is moving at top speed, and only companies that can effectively share information and communicate will stay ahead. GKM2 can help your business intelligently deploy a SharePoint intranet to transform the way you communicate and share data.

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