The Importance of Security Awareness Campaigns and Training

The Importance of Security Awareness Campaigns and Training

You can have the best cybersecurity tools on the planet, but if you don’t train your employees on good cyber hygiene, your business still has a huge security vulnerability.

A 2023 cloud security study found that human error is the leading cause of data breaches across 18 countries. Over a third (37%) of Australian businesses experienced a cloud data breach during the last year. The main cause was identified by 64% of respondents as human error.

Why is human error such a big cybersecurity problem? Because employee security awareness training is too often lacking. Some companies may do a quick phishing training once per year, which is not enough to keep a workforce from making costly data security mistakes. 

Security awareness campaigns and training play a crucial role in fortifying your defences against cyber threats. At GKM2, we use next-generation solutions to protect our clients, which includes tools like usecure for security awareness training and human risk management. 

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. We all play a part in safeguarding our digital environment. Employees and organisations need to work together to safeguard important data and assets. To be effective partners in this shared responsibility individuals working for a company need to be trained, evaluated, and encouraged to adopt good cybersecurity practices.

Things like creating strong passwords, not clicking on unfamiliar links, and double-checking a strange request coming from a colleague before complying are just a few of the important things security awareness training teaches. But human risk management and security awareness campaigns go far beyond one simple training. These activities spearhead an ongoing effort to strengthen the human element of cybersecurity.

Security Awareness Campaigns

Security awareness campaigns serve as a proactive approach to educate individuals about potential cyber threats and promote responsible online behaviour. These campaigns are designed to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise, prevent, and respond to security incidents. 

One of the key players in this space is usecure, a platform dedicated to providing comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training.

The usecure platform offers a range of engaging and interactive modules that cover various aspects of cybersecurity. From recognising phishing attempts to understanding the importance of strong passwords, these modules are tailored to address the specific challenges faced by individuals and organisations.

Benefits of Security Awareness Campaigns

Risk Mitigation

Security awareness campaigns contribute to risk mitigation by equipping individuals with the ability to identify and avoid potential threats. When your employees are aware of the common tactics employed by cybercriminals, they are less likely to fall victim to phishing scams or other malicious activities.

Cultivating a Security Culture

Establishing a strong security culture is essential for creating a cyber-resilient environment. Security awareness campaigns help foster this culture by promoting a sense of shared responsibility among individuals. When everyone understands their role in maintaining cybersecurity, your company’s overall defence posture improves. 

They also ensure that security training isn’t a “one and done” activity, but rather an ongoing effort that continues to track, address, and strengthen the cyber hygiene of the organisation as a whole.

Compliance and Regulation

In Australia, various industries are subject to cybersecurity regulations and compliance requirements. Security awareness training ensures that organisations and individuals stay compliant with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal and financial repercussions.

Security Awareness Training & Human Risk Management

While awareness campaigns provide foundational knowledge, security training goes a step further by offering in-depth education and skill development. Usecure’s training modules cover a wide range of topics, including social engineering, malware protection, and secure browsing practices. The platform employs a user-friendly interface, making the learning experience accessible and engaging for all.

It acts as a one-stop shop for three key aspects of human risk management:

  • Evaluate: Companies need to understand where the weak areas are so they can be addressed in security awareness training.
  • Educate: Users need to be strengthened with tailored training programs to target weak areas as well as educate on new threats.
  • Calculate: It’s important to measure the impact of training on the company’s cybersecurity posture. 

Investing in the cybersecurity education of your employees is not just a best practice but a necessity. A well-informed workforce serves as a formidable line of defence against cyber threats, protecting not only your organisation’s sensitive data but also the privacy of your clients and customers.

Get Started with a Comprehensive Security Awareness Campaign

Don’t let human error leave you at risk. It’s important to address this vulnerability just as you would any others. GKM2 can help your Sydney area business put a potent employee security awareness campaign and training in place, along with effectiveness tracking to give you peace of mind.

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