5 Red Flags That You Need to Find a New Managed IT Services Provider

5 Red Flags That You Need to Find a New Managed IT Services Provider

With the increase in digitalisation in our world today, many organisations have to depend on an automated system for their daily operations. These automated systems are sometimes complex for the regular office computer operator, for this and more reasons, many organisations like yours rely heavily on managed IT service providers (MSPs) to handle all or some of their IT infrastructure with their specialised IT skills. 

Who is a Managed IT Service Provider?

A Managed IT Service Provider (or an MSP) is a third-party outsourced to take full or partial management of an organisation’s IT environments, such as business databases, business applications, or tech infrastructure support. The objectives of a managed IT service provider to any organisation are to provide heightened security, increased flexibility, scalability, and more. 

However, not all MSPs can fulfill all these duties effectively, and when they can not meet their expectations, then organisations are usually advised to switch to an IT service provider with improved services or risk a major downturn in their business operations due to a failed IT infrastructure.  

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If you’re currently partnering with an MSP and unsure if their services are up to your business’s standard, then knowing these important red flags can help you make the right assessment before switching to a better managed IT service provider:

Top 5 Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) Red Flags 

1. Lack of Communication

A major red flag you should be quick to spot is a lack of communication from your IT service provider. 

A good IT service provider is expected to have a steady communication flow with staff in charge of receiving all important IT-related updates, such as data breaches, suspected system vulnerability, or upgrades made to the infrastructure. 

The managed IT service provider should have a 100% transparency policy and should be able to keep up with their service delivery standards consistently. 

Also, the communication line between you and your MSP should allow a good professional relationship with frequent conversations. As a business, we need IT service providers who can be honest with us about every need that your IT infrastructure has, you also should be able to freely communicate your view about their services if it’s a service delivery that you’re satisfied with or not.

There should also be a monthly, weekly, or daily report via emails or scheduled calls. You depend on these service providers because you may know less about your IT needs, so if there is not a consistent line of communication, then your business can face some dire consequences

2. Poor Project Management 

Another sign that this MSP is not a good one for your business is not having the ability to manage your IT-related projects. A standard managed IT service provider should be able to adequately manage IT projects with all necessary skills required for their success. They should be able to provide an accurate project roadmap and updates on every step of the journey. 

Although no service provider is perfect, if your MSP has worked with you for some time, and has caused major delays in project success on more than half of those projects without a reasonable cause for pause, then you should note that as a red flag and prepare to have an improved service provider take over the role. 

3. Low IT service standard

If your managed IT service provider only offers low-standard services, then it’s a red flag that you should identify quickly. A standard IT service provider should be able to keep up with new system upgrades available in the tech markets, they should be able to implement these new upgrades to your IT infrastructure so your software can be up-to-date and well optimised. 

It is the duty of any standard IT service provider to inform the organisation of any new technologies and solutions in the market, any improvements in the IT structure that can by any chance increase the overall business productivity, such as improved software for data security and cyber threats, improved power source. 

Ensure to only employ a managed IT service provider with experience in IT service delivery and a full understanding of the IT space. They should know when system services are needed, when old products should be replaced, and recommend only the best for the smooth running of your company’s tech tasks.   

4. Poor Customer Support services

Another red flag is if your current IT service provider has poor customer support service without a 24/7 system. 

Some IT providers might be good at offering standard IT services but pay little or no time to their clients’ reports, complaints, or inquiries. 

Even when you are sure of their technical knowledge, make sure to run a background check on their customer support service, if they don’t have a reliable support system for hearing customers’ feedback via calls or emails, then put a red flag on this and seek an IT service provider that knows the importance of paying attention to its customers and is ready to resolve any issues at the shortest time possible. 

5. Over-sized Budget

Your objective as a business is to maximise profit, if your current managed IT service provider doesn’t help you achieve this, especially its bill isn’t worth the service they offer. It is a red flag when you cannot justify the service they provide your business and what they demand as a monthly cost for their services. 

Furthermore, the monthly expense on your IT infrastructure should be easy to pre-estimate. Inflations should only occur when working on an external project and should return to standard rates afterward.

Need a Better MSP Solution?

These red flags can have severe consequences for any business. It is important to be on the lookout for these red flags and switch to a reputable managed IT services provider when you see them. If you are already experiencing these red flags, then GKM2 can be the solution you need for this potential business threat. 

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