Give Winning Online Presentations with Automated Mentoring from PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Give Winning Online Presentations with Automated Mentoring from PowerPoint Presenter Coach

People have become used to getting little tips from their productivity tools. For example, tech veterans will remember Clippy, the helpful paperclip first introduced in Windows 97.

Today, it’s common to get spelling cues from Word, PowerPoint, and just about any other text-based resource. 

But when it comes to certain types of help, such as telling you whether you’re looking at the audience enough during a presentation, humans have mainly relied on other humans for assistance. That type of capability seemed beyond the reach of software.

Well, Microsoft has been working with AI and machine learning for a while and many of its “tips” features in Microsoft 365 have become more intuitive and more helpful. One of the most impressive is PowerPoint Presenter Coach.

Presenter Coach is a tool designed to improve presentation skills by offering several helpful suggestions, ones that you may be surprised a piece of software could provide.

Until recently, Presenter Coach was only available in PowerPoint for the Web, and now it’s available on all platforms, making it useful for anyone that wants to improve their “PowerPoint game.”

Whether you’re practicing a speech to shareholders, a sales pitch to a client, or need to give a training presentation to vendors, this tool can help you improve your presentation skills and is guaranteed to give you an objective, algorithm-based opinion. 

How Do You Use PowerPoint Presenter Coach?

First, we’ll tell you where to find Presenter Coach in PowerPoint, then we’ll go over the amazing things that it can do.

  • With your presentation open, click on the Slide Show tab at the top.
  • Then, click on Rehearse with Coach.

  • If you’d like to see real-time feedback as you’re rehearsing, ensure the “Show real-time feedback” is checked. If you’d rather wait until your presentation is over to get feedback, uncheck the box.
  • Click Start Rehearsing.

  • Begin speaking after you see a prompt that says “Listening…”
  • If you have chosen to get real-time feedback, then you’ll see suggestions pop up for you. Here’s an example in the screenshot below from Microsoft’s page.  

  • Once finished, you’ll get a helpful summary with several tips on improving your presentation delivery. Here’s an example from Microsoft.

What Types of Help Does PowerPoint Presenter Coach Provide?

Monotone Pitch

Have you ever been in a meeting and nearly fallen asleep because of the speaker’s monotone throughout a presentation? Presenter Coach will listen for a monotone pitch and let you know if you need to vary your tone to keep your listeners engaged.

Speech Refinement

The speech refinement help includes grammar suggestions and tips on phrasing things to be better understood by others. 

Use of Fillers, Like “Ummmm”

One thing that always gets new speakers is “ummmmm.” It naturally slips in there when you’re transitioning from one thought to another.

Presenter Coach listens for those types of fillers and will let you know if you’re using too many of them, helping train you to remove those from your presentation delivery.

Body Language

One of the newer critiques in Presenter Coach is for your body language. This capability uses the video camera of your device and looks for things like whether the audience has a clear view of your face and your distance from the camera.

Repetitive Language

“Let’s circle back to this” or “a way to improve productivity and lower costs” are common phrases that can easily get overused. If Presenter Coach finds that you’re using too many repetitive words and phrases, it will let you know so you can change up your presentation with other terms. 


There are a ton of words out there that can easily be mispronounced. No one wants to be saying something wrong when giving a big presentation. Going through Presenter Coach first will help you catch any words you may be slightly mispronouncing. 

Sensitive Phrases

If you happen to slip in profanity or an offensive word by accident into your presentation, it can completely turn off certain people in your audience. Presenter Coat has a sensitive phases filter that will let you know if it catches anything that could offend someone.

Pace & Timing

One of the big challenges with giving a presentation is getting the pace right. You want to go fast enough not to bore people, but not so fast that you’re racing through everything.

This is another area where Presenter Coach can help. It will give you insights into your pace so you can refine the timing for your content and the available time.


Presenters that only read the slide text out loud, tend to lose the audience. Good presenters will use the slide text as a guide but add more to the presentation.

Presenter Coach will grade you on originality and let you know if you may be sticking too close to the slide text during your presentation. 

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