5 Helpful Office 365 Tips to Benefit Your Small Business

Office 365 Business Tips

When you’re running a small business, any tips you can get to optimise and take full advantage of the tools you’re already using can make a significant impact on your overall bottom line.

One tip that saves your team just 30 minutes a day, can add up to 25 additional hours per week in productivity for a staff of 10 employees. So, each minute matters when it comes to improving efficiency and time management.

Over 60 million users choose Office 365, it’s the largest cloud platform in the world by user count, and that also makes it one of the key areas where you can find those optimisations that will save you time and money.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, one of our key areas of expertise at GKM2 is helping small businesses take full advantage of their productivity suite through our Office 365 Support. We help by adding custom workflows, automating business processes, and teaching clients to use administrative tricks to both improve security and efficiency.

If you’re using Office 365 and are also looking for some ways to improve efficiency and ensure you’re fully utlising the platform, you’ll find several administrative tips below to help.

Improve Efficiency and Security with These Office 365 Tips

A great thing about Office 365 is that it’s a platform that’s both simple to learn and robust enough for detailed and flexible workflows. From using the automating  power of Outlook to safeguarding your data, these tips can be a game-changer for your small business.

Use Quick Steps to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Outlook

You can reduce the time it takes to do common and repetitive tasks via email by using Quick Steps. For example, if you use folders to help organize your email and are spending time moving messages, you can set up Quick Step to move a message in one click.

The interface includes a few default steps and you can easily customise them as well. Defaults include:

  • Move mail to a specified folder
  • Forward a message to a manager or group
  • Open a reply and at the same time delete the original message to reduce clutter
  • Move a message to a mail folder, mark as complete, and mark as done

Use a separate Office 365 account as the Global Admin

If you have Office 365 Global Administrator permissions and your computer is hacked, the hacker can easily use that administrative access against your organisation to do major damage.

It’s safer to set up a separate Office 365 account that is used only for administration. Because that account won’t require a mailbox, like your main user account, you won’t be charged for it by Microsoft.

Set Company Mobile Devices to Capture Images/Videos in OneDrive

A big time-saver when trying to send corporate images from a trade show, customer visit, or other event back to the office is to set up your company mobile devices to automatically back up photos to a specific OneDrive folder.

This eliminates the struggle with trying to send images or video when you’re in the middle of an event or even having to remember to do it at all, since all images are sent to the cloud automatically. This also ensures that media isn’t lost in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.

Use Microsoft Secure Score to Improve Data Security

You can shortcut trying to guess which security settings you should be using in Office 365 by using the Secure Score tool. It will tell you exactly what your score is based upon comparison with other Office 365 users, users in your industry, and users with a similar number of seats.

It includes full visibility into all your security settings with suggestions to improve your score and links to take you to the settings you need to do that.

You need appropriate permissions and then you can access Secure Score through https://securescore.microsoft.com/ or by clicking the Secure Score widget in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center home page. The tool can also be accessed through the Microsoft Graph API.  You can learn more about the Microsoft Secure Score here

Shortcut Troubleshooting with the Service Health Dashboard

As your company’s Office 365 administrator, you’ll most likely spend a good portion of your day fielding user issues. If they’ve got problem logging in or can’t get their calendar to work properly, you’re the one they turn to.

Rather than spending hours troubleshooting the problem, you can often see what it may be by using Microsoft Service Health. This dashboard will show the following when an incident or advisory is noted:

  • Title: A summary of the problem.
  • Service: The name of the affected service.
  • ID: A numeric identifier for the problem.
  • Status: How this problem affects the service.
  • Start time: The time when the issue started.
  • Last updated: The last time that the service health message was updated. We post frequent messages to let you know the progress that we’re making in applying a solution.

You can access the dashboard in the Office 365 Service Health page in the admin center.

Save Time & Fully Optimise with GKM2 Office 365 Support

When you’re not fully utlising the benefits of the cloud platforms you’re using, it’s like “leaving money on the table.” You’re paying for a monthly subscription, so it makes sense to ensure you’re using Office 365 to its fullest.

Learn how GKM2 can support your small business through our expert Office 365 services. Contact us today to get started at +61 2 9161 7171 or reach us online.