What New Office 365 Features are Planned for Rollout in 2020?

 What Office 365 Features are Planned for Rollout

It’s always interesting to know what new features are coming for your favorite productivity software. New features can make your daily workflow go faster and also give you some great new ways to interact with your team or clients.

Office 365 is continually evolving and Microsoft often brings out new features to keep their software a step ahead of their competition. Whatever they’re doing, it’s definitely working when you look at their dominance in the office productivity suite market.

In a recent Microsoft earning report released in October of 2019, Office 365 commercial revenue was up 25% year over year and the company reported 200 million commercial subscribers to the platform, a 30% increase from the prior year.

Their developers continue to work behind the scenes on the multiple products in the Microsoft Office 365 world, such as SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, and others and to help users anticipate what’s coming, they share a roadmap of what’s being developed.

We’ve taken a look over the Microsoft 365 Roadmap to give you a sneak peek of some of the features coming to your desktops in 2020.

What Tweaks Can You Expect to Office 365 this Year?

From free stock photos to better security reporting, the upcoming features have something for just about every department in your organisation.

Improved Security in Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Planned for February 2020, Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention app will have the ability to default files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business as sensitive. This improves security and means that external access can be blocked until the file has been fully scanned for sensitive information.

Expect a More Robust Search Experience

Rolling out in February 2020 is Microsoft Search. This is a new enterprise search tool that is designed to save time during searches and increase productivity.

You’ll see Microsoft Search in SharePoint, Office.com, and Bing.com and it includes a unified search feature that brings together:

  • People
  • Bookmarks
  • Groups
  • Locations
  • And more

“Add a Team” added to SharePoint Site Wizard

Microsoft is making it easier to use SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together. When you first connect the two apps and want to include SharePoint content as tabs in Teams, you’ll find an Add a Team flow you can use from your SharePoint site.

New Scheduling Form in Teams

Sometime around February or after you should see a new and improved scheduling experience in Microsoft Teams. The scheduling form is going to be enhanced with a variety of features, including:

  • Improved scheduling assistant
  • Time zone picker
  • Availability status on people & locations
  • Option to add required and optional attendees

Information Barriers

This next feature offers a private preview for those interested in this new compliance tool. Information barriers is designed to be used in conjunction with SharePoint and OneDrive to help companies with compliance for HIPAA, FINRA, and other data privacy standards.

Free Stock Images in SharePoint

Marketing teams are going to be excited about this new feature that’s currently in development and planned for a February 2020 release. Free to use stock images are going to be made available in the SharePoint image file picker.

Live Events in Yammer

Updates being made to Yammer will allow you to schedule and produce a Live Event in the tool using webcams and desktop file sharing from Teams. This should make it simple for companies to broadcast and manage a livestreaming event easily.

Control What Your Team Sees in “What’s New”

The What’s New area of Help has typically been curated by Microsoft and the list of new features they display may or may not always be relevant to your team.

That’s changing with new controls being given to admins. There will be an Office What’s New management feature added to the Microsoft 365 admin center that allows you to decide which new features are shown or hidden from end users.

New Reports in Security & Compliance Center

Some users may already see this rolling out in January 2020 when they log into the Security & Compliance Center. There are two new reports to give even more visibility into any threats to your platform.

The new reports are:

  • URL Threat Protection Report: It covers linked threats found in email. Office apps, and Teams
  • Compromised Users Report: Shows the state of any suspicious or restricted user accounts

Additional Flexibility in Sharing Settings for SharePoint

Microsoft is adding a new option for SharePoint administrators. Now, in addition to being able to set the default sharing link on a per-site basis to “Anyone”, “People in my organization” or “Specific People,” they’ll also get a new option for “People with Existing Access.”

View All Attachments in Outlook on the Web

When using Outlook on the web, users will soon have the ability to see a view that shows them all files sent and received as attachments to their inbox. It will be accessible when you search for Files on the switcher bar that includes Mail, Calendar, People.

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