Managing network devices can get complicated due to all the moving parts, and if your network isn’t functioning properly it can drag down your entire organisation. A dropped Wi-Fi connection on your office router, can mean work interruptions that cost you time and money.

Proactive remote network monitoring ensures your data is flowing efficiently and your team stays online and on task. From wireless access points to things like network switches and firewalls, GKM2 can handle your all connections, so you can focus on your business.

We offer full network support in Sydney and the surrounding area.

Benefits of Remote Network Monitoring:

Reasons to Work with GKM2 for Remote Network Monitoring of Devices

When your internet or local network goes out and your office is cut off from the rest of the world, it means lost opportunities and lost sales. A network that doesn’t run as efficiently as it can slows you down, resulting in lower productivity and frustration.

Strong network connections keep you working at the speed of business… today, not yesterday.

Benefits of having your network devices monitored by our experts include:

  • No budget surprises
  • Security of LAN and Wi-Fi networks
  • Proactive 24/7 remote network monitoring
  • Next-generation firewall solution configured for your needs
  • Updates and patches
  • Hardware monitored for usable lifespan

Managed Network Devices Include:

  • Firewalls

  • Network Switches

  • Wireless Access Points

Need Network Support?

GKM2 can tailor a custom network device solution for you. Contact us today on +61 2 9161 7171 or via the link below for your free quote.