Why You Need Proactive IT Support for Your Business

Why You Need Proactive IT Support for Your Business

When it comes to handling your all-important IT infrastructure, there are typically two main tracks you can take. One is to wait until something goes wrong and then get it fixed. This reactive approach is known as having a “break/fix” mentality.

The other option is to keep technology systems proactively maintained, to reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown or downtime issue. This involves monthly managed IT services that monitor system health and handle ongoing maintenance and security activities.

You can think of proactive IT as similar to the way that people typically handle their automobiles. They don’t usually just run them until they break, instead they’ll get regular oil changes done and change tires and brakes before a critical breakdown happens.

Why do some Sydney businesses use a reactive approach to IT management? Some feel that it saves them money because they’re not paying a monthly fee for IT management. They’re only paying when something goes wrong.

But studies indicate that this type of break/fix approach is actually more expensive because repairs costs are higher, and businesses suffer costly downtime as result of not being proactive about maintenance.

Reactive vs Proactive IT Support

If you have a small business and are watching costs, why does paying a monthly maintenance fee make more sense than being reactive?

Here are several reasons that proactive IT support is not only better for your overall technology infrastructure, but for your bottom line as well.

Improved Data Security

At the start of the pandemic, ransomware attacks immediately increased by 10% in Australia. The cybersecurity landscape is always dangerous and increasingly getting more sophisticated.

Just one wrong click can cause a malware infection or data breach if you don’t have the proper protection.

When you take a reactive approach, you’re just waiting until something happens, which means most likely something will, and you’ll have an expensive data security issue on your hands.

When you use a proactive approach to keep cybersecurity incidents from happening, you significantly reduce your risk. Managed IT services will include several safeguards that keep your data safe and your company protected from an expensive breach.

For example, here are some of the benefits of GMK2’s proactive managed IT security:

  • Update and patch management
  • Web protection to block malicious websites
  • Managed antivirus/anti-malware protection
  • Anti-phishing protection

Fewer Downtime Incidents

Those businesses that take a break/fix approach to IT maintenance will typically see more downtime. This includes more incidents of downtime and longer times to get back up and running.

The average downtime incident costs Australian businesses over $762,000. Using proactive measures to reduce downtime and prevent as much of it from occurring as possible will generally cost far less.

When you use proactive management of your hardware and systems, they’re being monitored regularly, rather than you being in the dark. This allows an IT pro to see well ahead of time if a part will need replacement or some other protective measure needs to be taken.

Improved Productivity

When IT equipment isn’t maintained regularly, it can slow down and become problematic. Slowing computers may not be on a reactive business owner’s radar because it isn’t technically broken.

But what they would not be considering is the costly loss of productivity that occurs from not maintaining PCs to have them run at peak efficiency.

The average office worker wastes the equivalent of 24 working days a year waiting on slow technology.

Proactive IT means that your computers are regularly maintained, tuned-up, and kept running at optimum speed. This directly impacts the ability of staff to be productive and get more work done during the workweek.

Peace of Mind & No Budget Surprises

When you are handling IT reactively, and basically not having anything done until a crisis hits, you never know when you’re going to walk into the office and have a major IT downtime incident.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you when it comes to your IT infrastructure, and without monitoring in place, you never know when you’ll suddenly have an expensive IT issue impact your business.

Costs for IT are unpredictable when you don’t have a proactive plan in place. An expensive break down that impacts that month’s budget could happen at any time.

With proactive managed IT support, you know exactly what you’ll be paying for IT maintenance and management. You have a low monthly fee and the risk of walking into a tech emergency is greatly diminished. Your IT pro is only a call or keystroke away to get immediate help when you need it.

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