Why You Need Dark Web Monitoring

Why You Need Dark Web Monitoring

Online crime has seen a major surge due to the pandemic, with online scams increasing more than 400% last March alone. While the rest of the world has been disrupted and adjusting to the new COVID restrictions, cyber criminals have been organising and creating a pandemic of their own – the Cyber Pandemic.

There has been a steep rise in online crime, from ransomware attacks to coronavirus-related phishing scams. As of August, approximately 1 in 6 Australians had already become victims of cybercrime during the pandemic.

Why has cybercrime increased so much? There are a few different reasons:

  • Any time there is disruption and confusion, people are distracted and easier to trick with a phishing email.
  • A majority of employees have been working from home, and many without adequate cybersecurity.
  • People have been online more than ever, providing more of a target.
  • Companies are using new cloud tools and not understanding how to properly secure them.

What happens when you suffer a data breach, and your personal information is stolen? In many cases, that information ends up on the Dark Web, which hosts large criminal marketplaces.

People stealing things like bank account logins, login credentials, and credit card details will often turn those things into a commodity. They don’t steal them to use themselves, but to sell to others who will exploit them.

How do you know if your personal or business information is for sale on the Dark Web?  Through Dark Web monitoring.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The Dark Web is a version of the internet that’s hidden and can’t be reached through normal browsers. People need a special browser to access it and they need to know where they’re going.

The Dark Web is hidden for a reason. It’s used to conduct all sorts of illegal activities that would get people into trouble if they tried to do the same on the visible web (the one we all use every day).

On the Dark Web are marketplaces where illicit buying and selling are done, much is which is information that has been stolen in data breaches.

Dark Web monitoring is a service that monitors multiple known Dark Web marketplaces, popular forums, peer-to-peer networks, etc. The service looks for any of your personal information that might be out there, such as National Identity Number, email address, passwords, passport number, credit card numbers, and more.

If any of your personal information is found, you are alerted immediately so you can take necessary precautions to protect yourself or your business. If you can catch a compromised account fast enough, you can potentially stop a thief from making fraudulent charges to your credit card or opening an account in your company’s name.

The Dark Web monitoring service that GKM2 offers has benefits such as:

  • 24/7 scans for your information
  • Scan of a large portion of the Dark Web, including known marketplaces, social platforms, and more
  • Immediate notification if any of your personal or business information is found

Why Do I Need Dark Web Monitoring?

Cybercrime is Becoming More Organised

One of the four key threats noted in the Sophos 2021 Threat Report was ransomware, due to the rise in cost and volume. A big reason for this is that ransomware, along with other cybercrime, is becoming more organised and being used as a money-making enterprise by large underground criminal cartels.

This is resulting in cybercrime being deployed on a larger and more sophisticated scale, putting personal and business data at larger risk than in the past.

You DO Have Information Hackers Want

It’s not unusual to hear someone say, “What would a hacker want with our data? We don’t have anything of use to them.” The truth is that even a small business will have personal information that criminals can make money from.

Whether it’s a list of employee information needed for payroll or your own personal bank account login, there is something that everyone has that a hacker can sell, and they sell it on the Dark Web.

Here’s an example of some of the going rates for your personal or business information on the Dark Web:

  • Credit Card number: AU$15 – $25 each
  • Online banking credentials: AU$82 each
  • PayPal account login: AU$197 – $405 each

Your Data Can Be Breached Through a 3rd Party

While you may have the strongest security protocols in existence on your own network, compromises of personally identifiable information (PII) often happen through third parties. It could be a hotel chain that has your credit card number from a recent stay or a large retailer that you buy from online often.

You have little control over data breaches through 3rd party vendors and websites that have your personal information. The fastest way to know if any of your information has been compromised and is for sale in an illicit marketplace is through a Dark Web monitoring service.

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