6 of the Most Helpful VolP Features for Small Businesses

6 of the Most Helpful VoIP Features for Small Businesses

Recently, small business owners are joining the VoIP trend in large numbers. This is in a bid to improve their IT services and, most significantly, their customer support, which is the heart of any successful business. According to a report in 2020, the VoIP business phone systems had a global market size of approximately $85 million and is expected to hit $105 million by 2027. 

Its cost-effectiveness and quality assurance are one of the things business owners look out for. However, only a few know the extent of its capabilities and the valuable features therein.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. In general terms, it is the use of phone service with a broadband internet connection rather than the traditional phone line. While a reliable internet connection is a huge factor, it wouldn’t be much of an issue since most businesses have that in place. With a VoIP phone system, small businesses can perform productive functions that exceed voice calls.

Most Helpful VolP Features for Small Businesses

Conferencing Tools

One of the valuable features of VoIP-enabled phone systems is the availability of conferencing tools. Employees can now engage in video or audio conferencing without breaking a sweat. Organisations working remotely find this feature particularly beneficial. 

Conferencing tools enable smooth communication between teammates even if they are halfway across the globe. More so, people tend to go after businesses with well-packed VoIP phone systems as that will allow them to work remotely. Conference meetings can be organised regularly to monitor the activities of remote workers and manage their IT security.

Call Queuing

With the VoIP phone system boasting a feature like call queuing, the service got more interesting. Small businesses can now have specific call trains to move inbound callers instead of leaving them on hold by sending the calls to individual lines. On the queue, calls are attended to in the order of their arrival. As the callers wait their turn, they listen to interesting jingles or informative messages recorded to serve this purpose. 

These designated queues will help businesses that usually receive many phone calls daily. It will also ease the burden on the employees who struggle to respond to all incoming calls as they will now be organised and directed to the right representative.

Automated Attendant

An automated attendant is possibly the hallmark of all VoIP-enabled phone features. It rules out the need for a receptionist as all calls will be automatically sent to the right agent. This is useful to many small businesses as it assists in reaching the actual department or person a caller needs to speak with. Automated attendants improve time management, require not a single need for intermediaries, and thus boost customer satisfaction. 

Find Me Call Routing

While in the middle of helping your business reach its potential, missing important business calls is certainly off your list. With find me call routing, a feature on VoIP, you can guarantee that such a setback won’t be experienced. The service is a requirement, as it balances the need for business owners and their workers to move from one place to another throughout the day. 

While away from your desk visiting clients, follow me call routing will try reaching you when you have a call. It will beep your other phones all at once or consecutively. Your mobile numbers and those of your workers will be kept private as the only business duty reaching you will be from the VoIP. 

Call Recording

The call recording feature assists small businesses in bolstering their customer services. It helps in assessing the performance of their support systems hence revealing ways to improve them. VoIP phone systems record conversations on designated phones and even calls received throughout the company all day. 

This feature also assists new workers in acquainting themselves with the necessities. A couple of hours of listening to the recordings will go a long way in helping them handle clients’ needs and giving appropriate responses to their queries. Employees can also go through their conversations with old clients to better analyse their new needs. 

Vanity Numbers

Interesting is the ability of a VoIP business phone system to help make a small business unique. One of its features, vanity numbers, will make your business stand out among thousands of others in your niche. These numbers include words that link them to your business name or your top product. They are quick to memorise and fast to remember. It is a brilliant way to quickly familiarise your company with the consumers while reducing the rate of unattended calls. Your company also gets to own different vanity numbers, which will help attract an impressive amount of traffic and improve your business productivity. 

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