Microsoft Viva Sales is Getting an AI Boost to Help you Better Communicate with Leads

Microsoft Viva Sales is Getting an AI Boost to Help you Better Communicate with Leads

Sales teams are constantly pressured to maximise their time and efficiency when interacting with leads and customers. In this period, where time is money and every second counts, leaving an opportunity to sell and focus on other things can benefit the team.

A study recently authorised by Microsoft shows that managing emails takes up over 66% of a salesperson’s day. That leaves little time to focus on what matters most; making sales, creating meaningful connections, building customer trust, and establishing long-term relationships.

To solve this, Microsoft Viva Sales will, with the AI features, create optional email content for different settings, which include replying to inquiries, creating a proposal, complete data specifically relevant to the recipient, like pricing, promotions, and deadline. By automating these tasks, you can spend more time on other high-value activities to build business relationships and help you close deals.

This article will explore all you need to know about the inclusion of AI into Microsoft Viva Sales, how it can help you communicate more effectively with your leads, the technology behind it, and how to get started. 

How Does the New AI in Microsoft Viva Sales Help You Communicate Effectively with Leads?

With AI capabilities, you can leverage GPT-based algorithms to generate personalised, relevant, and engaging email replies. Below are some ways it would help you:

It will automatically generate email replies

With the help of Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) technology, you can automatically generate responses to emails in a matter of seconds. It will save you the time that would be spent on drafting an answer to your emails. The AI generates in less than a minute what you would use more than 10 minutes to develop.

It will identify key information from emails

The new AI features in Microsoft Viva Sales can help you identify critical information from emails, such as customer preferences and purchasing behaviour. That will allow you to provide more targeted and personalised responses.

Consistency in messaging

The AI features, which will be incorporated into Microsoft Viva Sales, ensure that all responses are of the same high-quality standard and have no deviation from the brand’s messaging style. That will help you maintain consistency in messaging when communicating with leads.

Streamlined communication

The AI will help you streamline your communication by automating specific tasks like sending reminders, follow-up meetings, and updating contact information.

Personalisation of messages

The AI features in Microsoft Viva Sales can analyse data from Microsoft Graph and connected Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to generate personalised responses to leads. These tailored responses will target each lead’s specific needs and interests, improving your communication quality and increasing your chances of closing deals.

Understanding the Technology behind the AI in Microsoft Viva Sales

The new AI features in Microsoft Viva Sales are built on top-notch technologies, including GPT (Generative Pretained Transformer) and Azure OpenAI service. Learn more about them below:

GPT (Generative Pretained Transformer)

GPT is a state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithm developed by OpenAI. With its deep learning techniques, it analyses large amounts of text data and generates personalised, relevant, engaging email replies.

Azure OpenAI

This Microsoft’s cloud-based machine-learning platform provides developers with various tools and services for building and deploying machine-learning models and training.

How to Get Started with the New AI in Microsoft Viva Sales 

You’ll need to follow a few steps to activate the new AI in Microsoft Viva Sales. Below are these steps:

Install Microsoft Viva Sales

To start, install the Microsoft Viva Sales add-in for Outlook before using the AI-powered email reply. 

Enable the new AI capabilities

Once you have Microsoft’s Viva Sales installed, you can enable the AI capabilities by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Microsoft Viva Sales as an administrator
  • Go to the “Settings” page in the Viva Sales admin center
  • Under the “Email” section, enable the “Suggested email replies” feature
  • Save your changes

 Start using AI to ease your communication 

After you have installed and activated the AI features, you can start using them to improve your email communication with your customers and leads. 

Follow these steps:

  • Open an email that you want to respond to
  • Click the Viva Sales icon in the Outlook ribbon
  • In the Microsoft Viva Sales pane, you will see suggested replies based on the content of the email
  • Choose the response that best fits your needs and customise it as necessary
  • Send the email as usual

Get Ready for the AI-powered Microsoft Viva Sales with GKM2 Solutions 

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