What Is Microsoft Viva & How Will It Empower Your Employees?What Is Microsoft Viva & How Will It Empower Your Employees?

Both employers and employees have gone through a major work transformation over the last 12 months due to the COVID pandemic.

Many employees worked from home for the first time, and companies were trying to figure out ways to keep productivity strong, while facilitating and managing a team that was no longer in one place.

There have been both opportunities and challenges that have come with this move to remote working. While better productivity has been seen in remote teams, there’s also a fear of less engagement.

According to the World Economic Forum, the main concerns that managers have with remote teams are:

  • Reduced employee focus (82%)
  • Reduced productivity (82%)
  • Reduced team cohesiveness (75%)
  • Maintaining company culture (70%)
  • Employees overworking (67%)

On the employee side, remote teams are worried about:

  • Being able to unplug after work (22%)
  • Feeling lonely and cut off (19%)
  • The ability to collaborate and communicate (17%)
  • Distractions at home (10%)
  • Staying motivated (8%)

One of the software providers that has been looking intently at how to foster a better digital working experience is Microsoft.

The company has come out with a brand-new set of add-ons for its Microsoft Teams collaboration platform called Microsoft Viva.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is a set of MS Teams add-ons designed to power the employee experience and make it better, more engaging, and more productive.

It leverages both Teams and Microsoft 365 to bring together four core elements of good employee experience and management into the everyday workflow. It’s designed to streamline information and knowledge sharing, ensure wellbeing is front and centre, and keep everyone connected to their corporate culture and each other.

Microsoft Viva has four tools:

  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Topics
  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Insights

We’ll go through each of the four tools below and explain how they improve the employer/employee connection for high-efficiency remote and in-office teams.

Note: All Viva images are credit to Microsoft.

How Does Microsoft Viva Empower Employees & Employers?

If people don’t have an invitation to reach out for an ongoing “touch base,” it’s easy for them to feel disconnected and company productivity and culture can suffer as a result.

Here’s how Microsoft Viva creates opportunities and invitations for ongoing connection and improves many standard areas of an online workflow.

Viva Learning  

Employees that don’t feel nurtured on their career path will tend to leave a company for greener pastures. Many companies would like to offer skills development and ongoing training but aren’t sure where to start or are worried about the time commitment.

Viva Learning simplifies the ongoing learning and development process by delivering courses inside Teams for managers to assign or employees to find on their own to learn new skills.

The tool can integrate courses from multiple sources, such as LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, Coursera, and many more.

Viva Topics

Trying to locate company knowledge resources (tip sheets, policies, articles, training guides, etc.) can lead to several hours a month spent simply looking for information.

Often people don’t have time, so they miss important company resources and instead waste time reinventing the wheel.

Viva Topics is akin to a company librarian. Only this librarian watches Teams conversations and when they see a pertinent topic mentioned, serves up all the relevant resources.

Topics will autogenerate topic pages with links to relevant resources and serve these ups as hyperlinks on the pertinent topic keyword natively inside Teams. This saves tons of time and ensures your employees aren’t missing out on hard won corporate knowledge.

Viva Connections

Staying connected with the company as a whole and with colleagues and managers is a big concern of employees working remotely. They’re afraid to miss out on something or be forgotten if they’re not working at the office.

Viva Connections makes it easier for everyone to feel constantly up to date on important company news and conversations. It also offers a way for managers to quickly put out information and keep everyone in the loop without having to make multiple contacts to do so.

This tool brings a company news and resource portal into Teams that is company-branded and customisable.

Viva Insights

Overwork is a common problem with remote teams. Employees have a hard time leaving their desk and find themselves gravitating back to it in the evenings “just to get caught up” on something. This overwork leads to burnout, which is bad for both employees and their company.

Viva Insights is a tool that reminds people to take regular breaks, do a mental commute between home and work, and basically adopt good work habits to prevent burnout.

This tool also has manager insights that can give them a red flag if remote teams beginning to work later and on the weekends, so they can intervene.

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