Introducing Microsoft Teams Phone System, your fully functional, cloud-integrated PABX

Has a landlocked phone system been holding you back? Today’s offices are more mobile than ever, requiring business apps that can work from any device and location.

Microsoft Teams Phone System is a new solution for digitally smart companies to streamline all their communications in a single place and save money.

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 has been around for a while. It allows you to chat, share files, hold video conferences, and collaborate in real-time, and now… it can host a full-featured VoIP system!

What is Microsoft Teams Calling?

Microsoft Teams Calling is the combination of a cloud-based company phone system and Microsoft 365’s Teams platform for collaboration and communication.

The service adds the functionality of PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network) calling into Teams, allowing your users to make and receive calls from a dedicated number.

Calls to your Microsoft Teams Calling phone number can be received from any phone (landline, mobile, VoIP), just like any landline assigned number.

MS Teams Calling

Cost Savings, Enterprise-Class Phone Features,

Full Cloud-Integration & Mobility!

More Features for Less Cost

One of the advantages of a VoIP system is lower costs and more flexibility. With the Teams integration, your users get a seamless experience for all their communications. Plus, calls are all captured in the same system for easy reporting.

Enjoy enterprise-class features for much less than a traditional landline PBX system. This includes digitally advanced features that businesses need to stay competitive in today’s world.

Answer Business Calls How & Where You Like

It can be challenging to keep communications fluid when working with mobile and remote employees, but Microsoft Teams Calling makes it simple.

Calls can be made or answered from anywhere, no cumbersome call forwards from landlines needed!

Your team has a choice of ways to make and receive calls, including:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Teams-enabled desk phone, with or without a video screen
  • Teams-enabled conferencing device

Provide Your Callers with a Better Experience

Microsoft Teams Calling includes multiple customer-facing features that can help you improve your customer experience.

Callers can be given hold music while being automatically routed to the right person or department. Features like auto attendant and call queue can facilitate faster call routing so your callers aren’t frustrated waiting.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Keep What You Have and Get More

Improve Your Phone Experience Today!

With cloud-powered technology to keep you competitive, significant cost savings, and the simplicity of consolidated communications, Microsoft Teams Calling just makes sense.

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