How You Can Use the Microsoft Power Platform to Optimise Your Business

How You Can Use the Microsoft Power Platform to Optimise Your Business

Most of us are familiar with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, but many businesses are yet to realise the benefits of one of Microsoft’s other flagship solutions: Microsoft Power Platform. 

This superb Microsoft solution has a wealth of benefits for businesses, and adoption is soaring. Microsoft research indicates that Power Platform is now being used by nearly 16 million monthly active users. 

Below, we’ll explore what Microsoft Power Platform is, how it works and why you should roll it out in your business.

What is Microsoft Power Platform? 

The Microsoft Power Platform is a conglomerate of applications designed to help businesses enhance productivity and efficiency through the power of technology. There are three apps that make up the platform: Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate. Here is how each of these works: 

Power BI

Data is the lifeblood of the modern organisation. But finding, analysing and generating value from data can be tricky for SMBs. This is where Power BI comes in. It’s what’s known as a ‘data visualisation’ tool. It helps you to gain deeper insights from your data by presenting it in a digestible, visual format. 

Essentially, Power BI is all about business intelligence, helping you to use data about everything from invoices to leads to make better business decisions that will grow your company. 


Most SMBs can’t afford in-house developers to create customised applications. But applications are more critical to business productivity than ever. Things like booking management systems, customer relationship management, and even HR are all powered by apps these days. Paying for lots of app subscriptions can easily lead to swelling costs. 

This is where PowerApps comes in. It’s a ‘no-code’ development platform, meaning you and your employees can create applications without having to write a single line of code. PowerApps essentially makes application development accessible to everyone. Rather than needing technical know-how, you can create apps with intuitive widgets. 

Power Automate

Research indicates that 44% of SMB employees don’t feel that they’re as efficient as they could be, while almost 95% say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks each day, such as data entry and document management. SMBs can unlock huge benefits by helping their employees to focus on more high-value tasks instead of repetitive ones.

How? Through the power of automation. Power Automate helps businesses to automate routine processes, such as orders and invoicing or approval requests, so that employees can spend more time on meaningful work.

Why is the Power Platform beneficial for SMBs? 

These days, technology is a huge competitive differentiator – but it’s also expensive. Many SMBs can’t afford to hire an array of in-house developers and tech specialists. However, failing to innovate and harness the power of technology puts businesses at risk of becoming obsolete. 

It’s out of this obstacle that Power Platform was born. Combined, these three apps aim to democratise data analytics, application development, and automation. Previously, such tasks were cordoned off to specialist IT guys. Now, anyone can create an app, automate a business process and gain insights from business data. 

For SMBs, Power Platform simply makes a lot of sense. It can help you to make work more efficient, boost your employees’ productivity and improve the bottom line. No matter what sector you’re in, or how big or small your business is, Microsoft Power Platform can benefit you. 

Saying this, though, while Power Platform is more straightforward than designing custom apps from scratch, it still does take some level of skill. When you first start using the platform, you’ll likely want guidance and training on how it works and how best to use it for your business.

Moreover, some businesses may want to use Power Platform, but struggle to find the time to explore the solution and use it to its full potential.

How to harness the power of Microsoft Power Platform in your business

To utilise Microsoft Power Platform to its full potential, we’d advise working with a managed IT services provider with deep expertise in all things Microsoft. A partner like us can help you to roll out the Microsoft Power Platform, educate your employees on how to use it and even manage day-to-day operations for you. 

Ready to unlock the potential of Microsoft Power Platform? 

The Power Platform has a wealth of potential for SMBs, but, as with all new technology, knowing where to get started can be tricky. Let us help you discover all that Microsoft Power Platform has to offer. 

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