8 Benefits of the New Microsoft Intune Suite

8 Benefits of the New Microsoft Intune Suite

Every day, Microsoft is rapidly developing new products to enhance the productivity of the workforce and provide sophisticated security of data and information. The company has been upping the ante in various aspects to boost productivity and curb cybersecurity and one area it has enhanced is in its endpoint-management related products. 

Endpoints are the devices employees in an organisation use to carry out the organisation’s operational needs. However, these endpoints are vulnerable to various forms of cyber-attacks. According to Statista, in 2022, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) received roughly 76 thousand cybercrime reports, seeing an increase in the previous year with roughly 67 thousand. 

This is why, for years, we had Microsoft Intune, a product responsible for all endpoint management-related products. Today, a new member of the endpoint management-related product has been added – the new Microsoft Intune Suite. The new Microsoft Intune Suite is focused on enhancing and simplifying endpoint and security solutions into one single platform to help organisations protect and manage endpoint devices from and during a data breach, allowing workers to work more effectively without fear.

This article explains what the new Microsoft Intune Suite is and its benefits.

What is Microsoft Intune Suite?

Microsoft Intune Suite is a cloud-built endpoint solution that assists organisations in managing their mobile devices and IT infrastructure. The Microsoft Intune Suite is connected with Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365, providing IT with powerful security tools for securing their endpoint devices. Therefore, with this, the organisation can quickly handle its endpoint device and improve its security status with these new tools. 

It also offers a centralised platform to securely manage mobile devices, Computers, and Macs, as well as give solutions to keep people productive and safe. Microsoft Intune may also help organisations simplify endpoint administration, improve their security status, and provide a better user experience.

6 Benefits of the New Microsoft Intune Suite

The benefits which the new Microsoft Intune Suite has for users are numerous. However here are six benefits of the new Microsoft Intune suite:

1. Simplify Endpoint Management Experience

The reason why the Microsoft Intune Suite was introduced was to simplify the endpoint management-related products offered by Microsoft Intune. Therefore, the new Microsoft Intune Suite improves customer’s security posture and ensures they enjoy exceptional user experience. All these are made possible due to the simplification of their endpoint management experience.

2. Increases Automation and Enhances Security Measures

Microsoft is known for its constant increase in automation, and the new Microsoft Intune Suite is not lacking in that aspect. Microsoft Intune Suite is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security to empower security and IT teams with AI needed to increase automation. This helps quickly and proactively address various endpoint management and other security challenges.

3. Remote Support

The Microsoft Intune Suite gives IT admins the opportunity to supply remote support to their customers, as well as remote workers. This works in the favour of remote workers and this helps in boosting their efficiency and productivity. It also gives It teams the opportunity to diagnose and fix endpoint issues remotely. This curbs the issues of prolonged attention to cyber-attacks on endpoints. 

4. Endpoint Analytics

For every organisation, endpoint analytics is essential. As a result, Microsoft Intune Suite provides the organisation with endpoint analytics that allows them to measure their work rate and enhance user experience. It also allows IT organisations to improve the end-user experience through continuous assistance and analysing their setbacks in the user experience by measuring their feedback.

5. Endpoint Privilege Management

Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) is one of the most essential components added to the Microsoft Intune Suite. EPM allows enterprises to manage and prevent attacks on desktops, laptops, and servers, lowering the risk of data theft or encryption.

This enables IT to have more control over the administrators without affecting user productivity. EPM also enables remote workers to install software, update their apps, and modify settings from anywhere as long as they follow the security rules. This will increase the effectiveness and productivity of remote workers.

6. Centralised Cloud-Based Management

As stated earlier, the Microsoft Intune Suite is a cloud-build endpoint solution. This means it had the ability to offer centralised cloud-based management to endpoint management-related programs. Due to its integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft security, the capabilities of endpoint platforms for both on-premises and cloud-co-managed devices are possible. Microsoft Intune Suite also provides organisations with the ability to view and manage all end-user devices from a single console. 

7. Aid in App Management 

Another advantage of adopting Microsoft Intune Suite is that it helps with app management. App management may be challenging for organisations, especially when the number of apps used by employees increases. Therefore, Microsoft Intune Suite allows the organisation to deploy and update its app across all managed devices by streamlining the app.

8. Aid in data protection

Microsoft Intune Suite may also protect organisation data from data breaches and compromised endpoints. This is done by protecting applications linked to the Microsoft Intune Suite endpoint management-related program with the help of its integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft security. It also ensures that the company’s data is not spilled from such applications. This reduces the cost of data breaches and also guarantees that all users have access to the apps they need to be productive.

Need to Implement the New Microsoft Intune Suite?

The new Microsoft Intune Suite is a revolutionary way for you to simplify your endpoint management, protect it, and enhance the user experience surrounding all endpoints. 

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