What is the New Microsoft Defender for Individuals?

What Is the New Microsoft Defender for Individuals

A reliable security service has always been on the top list of most internet users. Microsoft introduced Defender for Individuals to ensure all its users are protected against cyber threats. It is one of the best security services for computers and personal phones. Its impressive features are to be enjoyed by all Microsoft 365 users on Family or Personal plans. 

In March 2022, Microsoft Defender for Individuals was initially available for Windows 11 Insiders. In June 2022, it was made available for all users. The service comes with ultimate protection against malware and other forms of cyberattacks. It is compatible with many devices, which include Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. 

Defender for Individuals offers a centralised dashboard that allows users to manage and control their security services and their family devices. It sends real-time notifications on your device’s security status and informs you about any abnormal activity as soon as it occurs. The status of third-party security products like Bitdefender or McAfee can also be regularly monitored on the dashboard. It helps you feel safe on the web and gives you security tips you can depend on.

Small business owners will also benefit from Microsoft’s new solution as many use Microsoft 365 Personal or Family consumer plans. A report stated that when workers perform business operations from home, they use their family or personal devices. In fact, they account for about 55% of the employee workforce. Freelancers and small businesses can now secure their data and devices with Defender for Individuals and receive alerts when security footings drop.

Interestingly, Microsoft Defender for Individuals is not in its complete form yet. The company announced plans to boost its services by introducing new and impressive features. Identity theft protection tops their list, along with installing a reliable online connection. These features will come with the app updates and offer maximum security to its users. 

The CVP for security, compliance, identity, and privacy at Microsoft, Vasu Jakkal stated the importance of this security solution, hinted at the new additions, and emphasised the company’s aim of making the earth a safe place. 

While other devices like Windows, macOS, and Android will easily access all features offered by Microsoft Defender, iOS is unfortunately wrapped in a few limitations. Its dashboard won’t allow the management of your existing antivirus software, and malware protection is not yet supported. However, it gets web protection which is also beneficial to Android users.

As a remote worker or a small business owner, you must maximise all the features Defender for Individuals offers. Microsoft reaching users below enterprise levels while adopting the same trusted security is an applaudable market expansion. This idea will protect small-scale businesses from closing down and prevent phishing attacks on remote employees. 

Here are the Main Advantages of Microsoft Defender for Individuals 

  • With a centralised dashboard, you can easily control and analyse the security rankings of the devices used by your family members. 
  • It allows subscribers to access existing security services like Norton or Bitdefender. This antivirus software can be easily managed on the dashboard. 
  • Protection against cybercriminals is no longer limited to Windows. It is now a cross-device plan, available on iOS, Android, and macOS.
  • Offers safety alerts, real-time notifications on device footing, and professional suggestions on safeguarding your devices. 

Depending on your device, you can get Defender for Individuals on Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Apple App Store.

Why Do I Need Security Software for My Small Business?

In contrast to the belief of some small business owners, they are at the risk of cyberattacks, and remediation costs might shut down their company. Security software is not intrusive, and its cost is worth the solutions they proffer. Here are two main reasons why you need one for your small business:

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has to be one of the most destructive cyberattacks on small businesses. Its detection is difficult until it has been unleashed, and remediation is but another nut to crack. Workers will lose access to the company’s systems, and essential data will be hard to reach. Solving the issue Is costly, no matter what track a company takes. 

Cybercriminals often offer to provide the cypher if the company is willing to oblige to their requests. This usually means paying a tremendous amount of money which might be hard to deliver by small business owners. 

This attack can be detected and thwarted with reliable security software before any damage is caused. Some have a backup system available to restore your records should you lose any. 

Cost Effectiveness

Paying a few dollars for antivirus software might seem a big deal until you realise how much its services will help you save. Modern antivirus software is no longer limited to malware protection and cyber-cleansing. They now come packed with features that help businesses manage data access and backup policies. This will increase your income and create no need to maximise your security by hiring more workers. 

We Can Help Set Up Your Security Software

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