Exciting Ways Microsoft 365 Will Help You Meet Hybrid Office Needs

Exciting Ways Microsoft 365 Will Help You Meet Hybrid Office Needs

With hybrid work slowly becoming the new workplace standard, some workers choose to work from home while others work from the office, and some do both. In addition, hybrid work gives employees and businesses more options for providing clients or consumers. It does, however, offer a complex workforce problem for managers to solve to retain efficiency and security. Thankfully, Microsoft 365 is here to make it easier.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is a strategy that allows people to work in various ways, including how, when, and where they work. Processes and results are more important to hybrid teams than location and outputs, which are more usually associated with office-based teams.

Hybrid workplaces come in various shapes and sizes, with teams working in the office or remotely. Teams can choose to work in the office every day, meet weekly or monthly, or operate remotely because they are not bound by time or location.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages. Individuals and groups might reconsider their working methods and strive for something better. Teams might be given additional flexibility and autonomy by their employers. As a result, there are higher retention rates and more prospects for new hires.

Why is Microsoft 365 Useful For Hybrid Work?

Covering everything Microsoft 365 can do for hybrid work will take more than a single article.  

One benefit is that it lets your team be productive wherever they are, whether accountants on a trip, developers in Lagos, or even parents watching their kids while they work. Everyone can text, call, and host meetings from any location.

Another advantage is the ability to upload work documents to the cloud. Workers will need to work on documents together simultaneously from time to time, and Microsoft 365 enables your team to collaborate on these projects using various Office apps while communicating and sharing calendars.

Finally, M365 provides your security team with a single productivity solution that optimises their internal IT setup from wherever they are on the globe, improves IT security management, and reduces automation and organisational costs. Typically, security budget cuts are regarded (and rightly so) with suspicion about coverage reductions, but with M365, you can combine vendor expenditure and lower the cost of addressing your security risks.

5 Exciting Ways to Make Work Easier With Microsoft 365

  1. Enhances Teams meeting 

Microsoft Teams has a new update to promote productive and inclusive hybrid meetings. The updates give hosts more control, such as letting them assign roles to participants via the scheduling form. 

A host can earmark different roles to specific employees. Some may end up as timekeepers, and others as facilitators. But it doesn’t end there as a new feature lets the host see the order in which participants raised their hands in these meetings. 

     2. Immersive meetings in the metaverse

The metaverse is more than the latest buzzword in the tech space. It is a virtual world that combines several innovative technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, social media, and cryptocurrency to mimic aspects of the physical world. 

Microsoft has integrated Mesh, its metaverse platform, into Teams making it possible for remote workers and in-office workers to hold 2D and 3D virtual meetings. Companies can also use the metaverse to create immersive spaces such as networking lounges, conference rooms, and design centres. 

     3. More secure levels of cybersecurity

With so many employees accessing the company network from various channels, it gives room for a lot of data breaches. Luckily, Microsoft 365 addresses this by including new security levels to better secure employee emails, the network, and your Windows OS. In addition, managers can do more to increase security by encouraging remote workers to use a VPN when accessing corporate data and by encrypting company devices.  

     4. Makes collaboration easier

One of the free platforms on Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams, a collaboration solution designed to make it easier and better for staff to work together regardless of their physical location. With Teams, tedious calls become an experience that your workers will enjoy. Teams’ file sharing, messaging, and video conferencing options make the platform an excellent choice for collaboration. 

     5. Visualising data and concept

The ability to present data visually to clients, stakeholders, and partners alike is one that every business shares. Thanks to Visio, managers will find it easier to visualise concepts that may come up in brainstorming sessions. They can also use it to create a flowchart showing the new command chain for remote and in-office works. Visio is also helpful in illustrating new business processing so that everyone can easily understand their responsibility.

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