Why You Need Managed Threat Response for Your Business

Why You Need Managed Threat Response for Your Business

It seems that every year, we see that cyberattacks have increased. Another change tends to be that we see new types of attacks being highlighted.

For example, in the last two years, 83% of companies have experienced a firmware attack, something that used to be less of a problem. Ransomware has also become particularly dangerous, with both attacks and attack cost rising.

According to the State of Ransomware 2021 global survey, the remediation cost for a ransomware attack increased from AU$984,358 in 2020 to AU$2.39 million so far in 2021. With the average ransom demand at AU$220,388, that means that remediation costs about 10x a ransom.

What this points to is that companies need a stronger cybersecurity posture to aggressively prevent attacks from successfully breaching their networks and devices. Once an attacker has succeeded, it’s too late, and the downtime costs coupled with the other clean-up expenses can put a smaller company out of business.

Companies need to move from a model of detection and notification (then you have to take action manually) to a model that not only detects but acts to remove the threat for you without needing human intervention.

Manage Threat Response (MTR) is a system that takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize all types of threats, even those that are highly sophisticated and may be using advanced techniques.

MTR is a more proactive way to manage your IT security and one that is necessary for today’s cyberattack climate which gets more complicated to navigate every day.

How GKM2 Protects Companies With Sophos MTR

Our managed security team at GKM2 utlises Sophos Managed Threat Response to ensure client networks are not only secured but enabled to actively seek out and remove any network threats.

Here are some of the behaviours that make MTR different from other threat management systems.

Incorporates Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive measure where a system will not just sit and wait for some malicious code to knock on the door of the network. It’s a tactic that involves the use of automation to learn the activities of a device so it can more easily detect anomalies.

Sophos MTR is continuously collecting and analysing device information. It uses this data to seek out any potential network threats. It’s looking for what’s termed “Indicators of Attack (IoAs)” and “Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).”

So rather than waiting for a threat to appear, the program is searching it out wherever it may be hiding (DNS logs, registry data, etc.).

Machine-Accelerated Human Response

Sophos MTR combines the best of expert human threat analysis and the speed and consistency of technology to provide a platform that intelligently analyses threats, can dig deeper into an investigation. This enables a fast response to eliminate threats.

Sophos has a world-class team of experts behind the technology that ensures responses are being fine-tuned and calibrated according to the most recent threats emerging.

Responses Happen in Real-Time

If you’re working with a managed response detection (MDR) service, you get notified of threats, but then have to take an action to remediate the threat. What happens if there’s an anomaly detected on your network on a Saturday morning? It could go unchecked until Monday when your team is back at work.

By then, it could be too late, and you could walk into a ransomware attack taking down your entire network.

With Sophos MTR, the system responds for you according to its AI and ability to learn your normal device behaviours. So, by the time you came in on Monday, you’d find a notification that an anomaly had been detected and eliminated directly afterward. That automated response is necessary to keep more sophisticated threats at bay.

You Retain Control & Have Transparency

Your MTR system may be handling the heavy lifting of your IT security, but you have the power in your hands to decide how that’s done.

You can control factors such as:

  • When potential incidents are escalated
  • What response actions you want to be taken
  • Who to notify of any events 

You receive weekly and monthly reporting on your security environment to keep you proactively informed of what’s been happening on the security front.

Insights on Addressing the Root Cause of Incidents

One of the most important things to do after a cyber incident has been mitigated is to study how it happened and learn what you need to do to keep it from happening again. 

With some security platforms, you don’t get that level of insight, which leaves you vulnerable to the same type of attack.

With Sophos MTR, you get an in-depth analysis of a security incident, along with actionable advice to keep it from recurring.

Learn More About Sophos MTR

GKM2 can help your Sydney area business incorporate strong and proactive safeguards, like Sophos MTR, to reduce your risk of a breach.

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