The Right Tools Make All the Difference! Managed IT Security Tips to Keep Your Data Protected

IT Security Tips

One of the positive side-effects of Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme has been to make businesses more aware of the dangers and costs of a data breach so they can take steps to protect themselves.

The NDB scheme is nearly a year old and requires companies that suffer breaches of their network to inform impacted individuals whose data has been exposed. Australia is currently 5th in worldwide data breaches, with an average of 834,833 exposed records per each breach.

One of the top priorities at GKM2  is to ensure our clients have reliable and robust data protection for their network. Through our Managed IT Security Services we make sure the right tools are in place to keep your organisation’s data fully protected from a data breach.

One misconception of some smaller businesses is that they’re under the radar of hackers since there are “bigger fish” there. But that couldn’t be farther from reality.

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses (Small Business Trends)

Hackers go after small and mid-sized businesses because they generally don’t have adequate IT security measures in place, meaning the criminal doesn’t have to work very hard. Plus, small businesses have the same key data they want as larger companies.

What are hackers after?

According to NDB statistics, the types of information that is being stolen in a data breach includes:

  • Contact information
  • Financial details
  • Identity information
  • Health information
  • Tax file number (TFN)

The good news is that the right IT security tools can make all the difference between a strong network and a vulnerable one. Read on for IT security tips that can protect you from being a data breach statistic.

Which IT Security Tools Do All Businesses Need?

We have a passionate team at GKM2 that enjoys the opportunity to help our clients with technology solutions that boost their business and allow them more capabilities for lower costs.

Our Managed Security Service helps protect companies from both internal and external breaches through a multi-layered set of state-of-the-art applications that encompasses AI and Machine Learning.

Gone are the days when an anti-virus was all you needed to protect your computer. Today’s ransomware, spyware, viruses, and malware launch a constant assault on company networks. They’re looking for just one of any number of possible entry points to make their way into your system.

Here are some of the top security tools that every business should use to fully protect themselves from a breach.

Anti-Ransomware & Antivirus Protection

Once cybercriminals figured out years ago that they could encrypt a company’s data and extort a ransom to make it usable again, ransomware has been on the rise, costing unprepared businesses thousands of dollars. And viruses haven’t lost their popularity with hackers, they’re just as dangerous as ever.

We use a next-generation solution that is designed to help protect against the Zero Day Virus and ransomware attacks using deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our anti-virus protection constantly monitors and updates for the newest threats.

Patch Management

While updating operating systems and software might be seen more like an annoyance than anything else, it’s actually a vital part of any sound IT security plan.

Those updates contain important security patches that fix newly discovered vulnerabilities, and hackers are out there searching for networks that haven’t applied them.

Firewall Security

A firewall acts as a networkwide sentry and performs several functions to keep your network protected from breaches. Some of the protections it provides are:

  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic
  • Gateway defence
  • Carrying out defined security policies
  • Segregating trusted and untrusted traffic
  • Reporting on threats and suspicious activity

Managed Backup

A vital piece of any good cybersecurity strategy is a managed backup of all your data. In the event of an attack or infection, a backup ensures you don’t lose your files and that you can easily recover them to another computer if needed. Cloud backup solutions for small businesses are affordable and easy to implement. If you are on Office 365, don’t think you are protected from Ransomware attacks and don’t think Microsoft is backing up your data either. Check out our blog post on 6 reasons a cloud backup solution is critical to protect your data if you use Office 365.

It’s important to have managed backup, because too often companies just push a button, and then never think about their backup again until they need something. If a backup hasn’t been monitored, a business owner can find that something may have gone wrong (storage limit reached, software error) and their data hasn’t been backing up as they thought.

Web Protection

Links to malicious websites are everywhere – email, popups, text messages, and social media. It can be difficult for an employee to know a site is infecting their computer with a virus until it’s too late.

Web protection applications block access to these dangerous websites. They can also block other sites that aren’t appropriate for workplace computers, keeping your team focused and more productive.

Automated Security Monitoring

When you’re busy running your business, it’s important to have an automated system in place that can watch out for threats to your network proactively and alert you if anything looks amiss.

At GKM2 our monitoring tools do regular hardware failure checks & performance checks reporting to our dashboard every 5 minutes, keeping a constant watchful eye on your network, so you don’t have to.

Need a Helping Hand with Your IT Security?

Our team at GKM2 is friendly, experienced, and cares deeply about helping our clients with the best IT solutions they can find. We even the playing field for smaller companies with affordable security solutions.

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