6 Ways Having Managed IT Can Reduce Risk & Lower Costs

6 Ways Having Managed IT Can Reduce Risk & Lower Costs

One of the most important decisions a small business owner must make is how to handle their IT infrastructure. Computers, cloud applications, email, printers, Wi-Fi, etc. are like the beating heart of today’s businesses.

If part of that infrastructure is down, a company is often at a standstill, unable to properly help clients, produce a product, or take new orders. Downtime can often result in a complete shutdown of operations.

Yet, despite that risk, companies often think they can handle their IT on their own because they don’t want to pay for monthly managed IT services.

But that monthly management fee is often just a fraction of what a company could end up paying when technology issues crop up or they experience a major downtime event. Things like ransomware attacks and server crashes can cause costly downtime that goes on for several days.

For example, in the case of the JBS ransomware attack, thousands of workers in Australia were impacted by meat production plant shutdowns lasting more than two days. The company paid a hefty ransom of over AU $14 million, plus had other costs related to the extended downtime.

Managed IT gives companies a safety net against the high costs of a major breach or outage and can improve day-to-day productivity. Companies often realise they save money overall on their technology infrastructure by having it regularly managed and maintained by IT experts like GKM2.

Here are several of the cost-saving and risk reduction benefits of using managed IT services.

Reduces Your IT Security Risk with Managed IT

Cybersecurity and data compliance has only become more complicated over the years. Now, in addition to virus infections, companies need to worry about things like ransomware, spyware, mobile malware, data leakage, firmware attacks, and more.

Best practices for IT security means putting several layers of protection in place. This includes things like:

  • Access security
  • Next-gen firewall
  • Web filtering
  • Email phishing filtering
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Patch & update management
  • Mobile device security & management
  • Network security 
  • Cloud security
  • Data privacy policies
  • Backup & recovery
  • And more

It can cost a company a lot of time and money if they’re trying to accomplish all those tasks on their own. When you subscribe to managed IT services, all the best practices are bundled into one affordable monthly rate. You don’t have to worry that something slipped between the cracks and could mean a major loss of business.

Protects You From Ransomware & Other Crisis Events with Managed IT

Ransomware has become a major global problem. Attack volume has been increasing annually, along with ransom demand and remediation costs.

Australian businesses need to be particularly well-prepared because they’re hit more than the rest of the world.

Approximately 67% of Australian organisations have been victims of a ransomware attack in the last 12 months, the global average is 57%.

The cost of remediating a ransomware attack averages AU $1.25 million. A cost that could easily put a smaller company out of business for good. 

Having the protection of ongoing network monitoring and security, which come with managed IT services, provides an important insurance policy against getting hit with ransomware.

Improves Equipment Longevity with Managed IT

When any type of machine (from automobiles to servers) is well maintained, it performs better and lasts longer.

Most small businesses don’t know the ongoing tech maintenance tasks that are done to computers and other equipment to keep them at peak performance levels. So, they end up having to replace hardware sooner than they should, leading to lower ROI overall on equipment purchases.

Managed IT Support for your hardware keeps it well maintained, inside and out, so you can enjoy a longer usable lifespan and better return on your investment. 

Boost Employee Productivity with Managed IT

When computers are well taken care of, they run faster. This means employees aren’t held up with slow systems and can gain better productivity.

Having an IT support resource to go to for help can also reduce the time it takes to do things like setting up a new email address or fix a printing issue.

Makes It Easier to Transition to a Remote or Hybrid Workforce 

The transition to remote and hybrid workforces is going on throughout the world. It can be done well, or it can be costly in both security risk and productivity costs.

Using managed IT services makes it easy for you to ensure all employee devices and data are secure and that network traffic is being properly managed. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel to facilitate a new flexible workforce, you can enjoy the cost-saving benefits of having your new environment managed professionally by an IT pro.

Allows You to Stop Putting Out Fires & Focus on Your Business

How many sales and how much growth are you missing out on because you and your team are putting out IT fires each week? When you have to deal with a technology issue, it means that you’re not focusing on your customers or your business.

When you have a managed services partner, they’ll handle all the IT fires for you, and there will be far fewer because your technology is being maintained and managed regularly. This frees you up to focus on growing your business.

Tailor a Managed Services Plan That Meets Your Needs

GKM2 offers flexible, tailored managed services plans that can save your Sydney area business money and significantly reduce your risk of a cybersecurity incident.

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