What’s the Latest Happening with Microsoft 365 to Get Excited About?

What's the Latest Happening with Microsoft 365 to Get Excited About?

Anyone that works with Microsoft 365 knows that Microsoft likes to be on the cutting edge and lead rather than follow. This includes its response to enabling more connected teams and using AI to make everyday word processing and presentation creation better.

2021 is no different and we’ve already seen some subtle changes as well as big new platforms being launched in the past several weeks. There are also more helpful features being implemented to improve connectivity and streamline workflows.

You can stay on top of your Microsoft 365 game by reading the new and latest happenings in the Microsoft world that are going to impact your productivity, security, and more.

Microsoft 365 News & Updates You Should Know About

Microsoft Viva

On February 4, 2021, Microsoft announced a new add-on for Microsoft Teams designed to empower employee enablement in a new way. It calls Microsoft Viva the first employee experience platform of its kind.

It incorporates four new areas inside Teams:

  • Viva Topics: Makes it easier for people to find collective knowledge inside your organisation through intuitive linking and topic grouping.
  • Viva Connections: Automatically organises content across a variety of apps and has built in security and compliance features.
  • Viva Learning: Connect your employees to training and enrichment courses easily. The app connects to multiple learning management systems.
  • Viva Insights: Balances productivity with wellbeing through insights for both employees and managers.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Viva is designed as the future of remote team empowerment and how to ensure teams remain productive, engaged, enriched, and connected no matter where they are working from.

Application Guard for Office

In January 2021, Microsoft officially released Application Guard. This tool is designed to help stop untrusted files from accessing trusted resources in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

When this tool is implemented, any Office files from potentially unsafe locations are opened in Application Guard, which is a secure container that’s isolated from other data. This allows you to safely check file security without suffering a malware infection from a malicious file.

New Stock Images in Microsoft 365

Around the time that Office 365 was renamed to Microsoft 365, Microsoft added thousands of free resources inside office, including stock images.

If you’ve been using so many of these that you’re running out of new ones, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft recently added a bunch of newer images that you can use in your projects.

To access the library of stock images in Word or PowerPoint, just go to Insert Pictures > Stock Images.

New File Sharing in Teams

A new streamlined file sharing experience for Teams is due to be released in March 2021. It will allow people to create a sharable link for any file stored within Microsoft Teams and set the file permissions at the same time.

Users can share SharePoint or OneDrive file links easily in private chat or a team channel conversation.

One-Time Office 2021 Purchase Option Coming Soon

Those individuals and small businesses that don’t want to lock themselves into a monthly subscription and don’t need cloud connectivity will have an opportunity this year to purchase an updated offline version of the Office applications.

Coming out later this year (the official release date hasn’t yet been announced), Office 2021 will be offered in personal use and commercial use versions.

Breakout Rooms in Teams

A new Teams feature that was released recently is Breakout Rooms. This feature allows people in a group Teams video chat to break out into a separate chat, away from the main team for a discussion and then then come back into the main conference.

Meeting organisers can create as many as 50 breakout rooms and either automatically or manually assign participants to each.

Launch of New Digital Publication – WorkLab

If you want to stay on top of the future of work and how technology is powering it, check out a brand-new digital publication by Microsoft called WorkLab.

The publication will include stories and insights into how human ingenuity fuels innovation and is designed to inform and drive conversations about how to shape the future of how we work.

Track and Manage Approvals Inside Teams

Approval is a new add-on app for Teams that allows you to create, manage, and share approvals from inside Microsoft Teams to streamline your work processes.

You can quickly start an approval process from wherever you are having a Teams conversation and include details like approval type, approvers, and attach files.

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