Latest 2021 Microsoft Ignite Updates Coming to Microsoft Teams

Latest 2021 Microsoft Ignite Updates Coming to Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams collaborative work and virtual meeting hub just keeps getting better. Microsoft has been improving the application’s capabilities regularly, with additions like automatic transcripts and translated captions. Not to mention other features like presenter mode and full VoIP phone system integration.

The company isn’t slowing down and recently announced a new slew of MS Teams features at Microsoft Ignite 2021. This is also on top of the recent integration of Teams right on the desktop with Windows 11.

It seems the company is positioning Teams to be a full-scale communication tool that not only can integrate employee training (using Viva), but also go into the virtual world, possibly competing with the Metaverse in the near future.

As a Microsoft Partner, GKM2 keeps up on all things in the Microsoft 365 world, and we’ve got a full rundown below of the exciting new things you can expect to see in Teams shortly.

Mesh Brings Immersive 3D Meetings to Teams

We’ll start with one of the most jaw-dropping new features that will be coming during the first half of 2022. Mesh for Microsoft Teams is being introduced and will include immersive spaces and personal avatars.

If you’ve ever been in a place like Second Life or the old Adobe Atmosphere, this will be a familiar concept and can help connect people in a new and imaginative way that will make it seem less disconnected for remote teams.

Not only can you meet and converse with people in the Mesh virtual space, but you’ll also be able to work on presentations and documents, just like you can in Teams now.

All Teams images are from Microsoft

This experience will be available in the first half of 2022 but will require mixed-reality headsets.

User Experience Enhancements for Teams Meetings

Another feature update you’ll see in early 2022 involves enhancements that make your online meeting experience better.

This includes the ability to assign roles and expectations for a meeting via a scheduling form so people can be prepared ahead of time and know what their contribution should be. 

Another helpful feature will be the ability to see who raised their hand first, so you can take care of questions in the order they came in. 

You’ll also be given control that allows you to pin or hide your video during the meeting.

New Teams Rooms and Devices Features

One challenge with Teams Rooms was the ability to attribute an individual presence if joining from a shared space. This is being changed using companion devices that can identify people within a shared space so they can be individually recognised.

There is also an expanded list of partners that will connect to Teams Rooms (e.g., GoToMeeting, BlueJeans) and more intelligent speakers coming, along with room occupancy sensors.

More Webinar & Broadcasting Capabilities

Microsoft made a big improvement to Teams earlier with the addition of webinar registration. It’s now taking that a step further with more enhancements for both webinars and broadcasts.

One of these is a virtual green room that gives those organising and presenting a webinar or video event a private place to hang out and socialise before the event starts.

Presenters will also have more control over what attendees see on their side and can minimise distractions. 

A new Q&A experience and co-organiser feature are additional enhancements that will make it easier to present and engage with an audience over Teams.

Collaborate More Easily With Those Outside Your Organisation

Some organisations still hang onto platforms like Skype because they’re open to anyone, so it allows them to easily meet and chat with those outside their company.

Teams will now have this same ease of use with Teams Connect. This will allow you to meet, collaborate, and chat with others who are not in your company. You can collaborate and share with up to 50 teams and as many organisations as you like.

Another handy feature is delayed delivery. This allows you to schedule when a Teams message is sent to a channel. You’ll be able to write a message in advance and then set a time that you’d like to have it show up for others. And you’ll also now be able to check a colleague’s time zone right from their contact card.

More Chat, People, & Presence Features

Some of the other platform enhancements include a new “chat with self” area of Teams, that gives you a private place to draft ideas and notes that no one else will see. 

There is also a new chat density feature where you can customise the number of chat messages shown onscreen by default. You can either show less or show more, according to your preference. 

Learn How You Can Leverage the Power of Teams for Your Organisation

Microsoft Ignite was packed with so many Teams features, that there are more than we could fit! GKM2 can assist your Sydney area business with an overview of Teams, its new features, and help integrating it to improve your team collaboration and communications. 

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