Take a Tour of the Free Digital Resources You Get With Microsoft 365

Take a Tour of the Free Digital Resources You Get With Microsoft 365

How many different cloud services do you subscribe to? If you’re like a lot of Sydney area businesses, you may find that your digital tools budget has been exceeded a while back and you’re paying more than you initially thought you’d need.

In addition to the business “workhorses” like Microsoft 365 or an accounting tool like QuickBooks Online, you may find yourself paying for a social media planning app and a photo subscription for your marketing images.

Spending on cloud subscriptions is up 50% year-over-year, and the number of unique apps companies use has increased by 30%. But all those new apps aren’t always needed.

Companies can often overlook features in robust platforms like Microsoft 365 and end up buying resources from another site they already have. In addition to that additional cloud spending, cloud waste has nearly doubled. This drives home the need for businesses to take a closer look at the tools they use and what they offer.

Microsoft 365 is an excellent example. It’s packed full of additional resources that can save companies time and money. Read on for a tour of some of those digital “freebies” that come with your subscription.

Save Time & Money With These Free “Extras” in Microsoft 365

Stock Images

Companies need professional-looking images for all sorts of things, including their website, brochures, and presentations. You can’t just go on the internet and take what you find on a Google search or you risk a copyright violation. This causes many companies to have to pay for a stock photo subscription from a third-party site.

You can save yourself some money by exploring the free stock photo resources at your disposal in Microsoft 365. The platform has thousands of professional-looking images to use for just about any need.

Inside Word or PowerPoint, click in Insert > Pictures > Stock Images to be taken to a searchable library of photos you can use.

You’ll find images of all types, from construction professionals on a job site to families shopping for healthy snacks.

Cut Out People

Do you want to impress the boss with your next presentation? How about doing a “how-to” video with figures that would be too expensive if you had to purchase them from a stock image site?

On the same menu as the stock images, you can choose from a wide variety of cut-out people in several genres to use in your artwork, explainer videos, or presentations.

Need someone sitting in a chair? How about standing or holding a tablet? You can search on the position you want and can even find the same model in multiple poses for project consistency.


Would you like to use some icons in a presentation or for website buttons, but need something distinct? This is another resource you can tap inside Microsoft 365.

Search on icons of all types, then resize them and recolour them once you bring them into your document.


Another asset for your website or a presentation that can add up fast if you purchase them from third-party sites is video clips. This is another freebie that you get inside Microsoft 365.

Choose from a wide range of different video clips to use in your marketing. When you’re searching in the stock image browser, just hover your cursor over a video to see it play in the preview window.


Looking for illustrations for a brochure or logo design? These are also available for free if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Illustrations can be resized and recoloured to get just the look you like. You can also search for them using the image browser, just like you can for all the other assets.

3D Models

Want to make your presentation stand out over your competitors? Add some interactive 3D models. These are also free resources that you’ll find inside Microsoft 365.

If you were to purchase or hire a designer to make 3D models, you’d be paying quite a bit. You have them in multiple categories available from inside PowerPoint.

Get to them by going to Insert > 3D Models > Stock 3D Models.

There are over 50 different 3D model categories available to you. Some of the popular business-oriented ones include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Industrial
  • Electronics & Gadgets
  • Geology
  • Math Symbols
  • Plan a Landscaping Project
  • Develop a City Plan
  • Plan a Space
  • Buildings
  • Medical
  • And more

Once you bring one inside your presentation you can drag it to rotate the model in all directions. Or better yet, use the animation menu to animate your 3D models to move on their own.

You can easily impress a client with a stellar engagement element that only took you a few clicks to achieve, and no additional cost.

Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Tools & Lower Costs

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