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What’s New for File Experiences in OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams in Microsoft 365?

What's New for File Experiences in OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams in Microsoft 365?

Cloud file storage and sharing may seem like one of the less exciting cloud applications, but it’s one that we use more than any other.

Approximately 50% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. It’s a place that users interact with several times of day when creating, saving, editing, and sharing company documents.

One of the most popular platforms for cloud storage is OneDrive. SharePoint is another service that’s connected to the Microsoft 365 universe, and both enable MS Teams file storage. 

There are several enhancements to your file experiences coming in 2020 that were recently announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021.

Windows 11 OneDrive Experience

You’ll get a new native files experience in Windows 11 that integrates OneDrive. Once you’ve signed in to your Microsoft account, you’ll see a file sharing option for OneDrive in the top ribbon by default.

Image from Microsoft

Photo Editing in OneDrive 

Image editing can be tricky if you’re not a Photoshop pro. Even doing a small enhancement like cropping can require you to open another application, bring your image in and then resave. This can be annoying if you just want to get on with your work.

OneDrive is adding photo editing capabilities that you can do without leaving the web application. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Crop images
  • Rotate images
  • Alter things like light, color, brightness, shadows, and color saturation
  • Access filters to refine and enhance your images

Install OneDrive as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

A progressive web app gives you the experience of a native hard-drive-based application even though it’s cloud-based.

OneDrive is now going to have this hybrid experience allowing you to install it as a PWA on your computer so you can view all your stored files from the app window rather than in a browser environment. 

Print to Any Printer (Office or Home)

OneDrive has incorporated Universal Print capabilities. This allows users to print documents that are stored in OneDrive to any printer in their organisation, including those in remote employee homes, without the requirement to install a printer on the device first.

Add Files to Teams Channels

Storing team-based files in MS Teams is now easier with a new “add to OneDrive in Teams” feature. This allows you to choose the Teams channel’s OneDrive storage as a destination for a file, so you can put things exactly where you want them for easier team access.

No More Looking for Those Recorded Teams Meeting Videos

Trying to locate the video of a recorded meeting can be time-consuming if people haven’t filed them according to a centralised system. Now Teams will automatically do that for you.

Video and audio meeting recordings will be saved to a OneDrive Recordings folder for personal meetings or SharePoint for channel meetings. 

Closer to the end of 2022, another helpful feature is coming to make those recordings easier to find, which is the embedding of recordings with the meeting transcripts and comments. 

Native Table of Contents

Reviewing a meeting recording to pull out pertinent information can take longer than the actual meeting itself. 

Locating the information that you need to act upon from a recorded Teams meeting is going to take much less time thanks to the addition of a table of contents. This will allow you to review a recording according to the slides presented during a meeting that used PowerPoint Live.

Feature Enhancements for macOS

There are a number of improvements coming for those that Use Microsoft 365 on a Mac computer. These include:

  • Support for M1: OneDrive will be natively compiled for the new M1 central processing unit, taking advantage of its capabilities.
  • Known Folder Move (KFM): Early in 2022, macOS users will be able to experience the benefits of KFM, which will allow them to keep desktop documents, and pictures folders protected through sync with OneDrive.
  • Files On-Demand: Based on Apple’s new File Provider platform, OneDrive sync has been enhanced for Mac users. The OneDrive folder will now be visible under Locations in the Finder sidebar.

Find OneDrive Files Faster

Microsoft is adding a Quick access menu in OneDrive that will show you your more recently visited file locations. This will reduce the time you need to spend navigating to a file you just saved that you’d like to share.

Add to OneDrive

A new shortcut called Add to OneDrive helps you more easily organise your folders and files. It makes it simple to add new files to your OneDrive storage from your file explorer window. The shortcuts can also be accessed from any device or browser.

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