What Are the Most Helpful Features Added to Microsoft 365 in 2020?

What Are the Most Helpful Features Added to Microsoft 365 in 2020?

One of the advantages of subscribing to Microsoft 365 is that the apps are always being enhanced with new features. Feature updates will be a mix of productivity improvements, security enhancements, and entirely new tools added within an application.

But with so many different apps in Microsoft 365 and each getting different features, some of the enhancements can be missed by users. For example, they may not realize they can now check grammar in Word or use PowerPoint as a presentation coach that gives them tips on their presentation delivery.

What new enhancements might your team be missing out on?

We’ve got a rundown below on some of the most helpful features that were added to the Microsoft 365 platform last year.

Transcribe in Word for Web

You can focus on meetings instead of note taking and save vital time jotting down important notes with a new transcription feature added to Word for the web.

You can record conversations directly into Word and have it transcribe the audio for you automatically. The transcription feature can even detect different speakers for more accurate recording of conversations.

When in Word on the web, click the Dictate feature and choose Transcribe.

Virtual Breakout Rooms in Teams

Sometimes when you’re having a large video meeting, it might be helpful for smaller teams to meet private and then come back.

For example, say in a corporate meeting the sales department is asking for additional materials beyond their budget. The accounting department can break away from the larger Teams meeting into a Virtual Breakout Room and discuss the request privately, them come back to let the sales department know if its possible. Much more efficient than having to go through a string of email follow ups after a meeting.

This feature was rolled out in Teams in December of 2020.

Default Page Templates in SharePoint

When you’re using SharePoint sites for your company intranet, it’s helpful for all sites to have a consistent look and feel. But what if a user picks a completely different template because they’re not sure which they should use when creating a new page?

This new feature rolled out in SharePoint can help clear that up. It allows site owners to set default page templates, so when a new page is created, the default template will be chosen automatically.

Pinned Messages in Teams

One drawback of a channeled communication feed is that posts quickly get pushed out of sight by newer ones and it can be hard to keep important information in front of new team members.

Rolled out last November was a new feature in Teams that allows you to pin posts. You can pin any message in a channel to the channel information pane so all members can access it easily anytime.

Together Mode in Teams

Video meetings have become the new way we interact in a COVID-impacted world. But they can be problematic at times. Different team members will have vastly different backgrounds, making it even more apparent that everyone is not working in the same place.

Microsoft was inspired to create a Together Mode for Teams that uses AI to put everyone in the same visual space. Not only does this lead to less background distractions, it also makes everyone feel they’re more together as a cohesive team, even if they’re not physically working in the same place.

Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Productivity Score for Microsoft 365

Ever on the cutting-edge, Microsoft anticipated the change to a more remote workforce and in November 2020 launched Microsoft Productivity Score.

What this does is help organisations understand how their team is using Microsoft 365 and how that translates into productivity.

Metrics the score is derived from include people experiences and technology experiences. The tool provides companies with metrics to see how productivity is scoring, insights to identify opportunities, and direct recommendations for using Microsoft 365 apps more efficiently.

Microsoft Productivity Score uses the following different scoring categories to come up with an overall organisational productivity score. Each item has 100 points, and the total possible points are 800.

  • Communication
  • Meetings
  • Content collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Mobility
  • Endpoint analytics
  • Network connectivity
  • Microsoft 365 Apps Health

You can access Productivity Score in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. In the left side menu, go to Reports, and you’ll see Productivity Score listed.

Undo/Redo Button in Microsoft Lists

One feature that’s pretty much a necessity these days in any productivity app is the ability to undo and redo an edit.

An undo/redo feature has just been added to Microsoft Lists, the handy application in Microsoft 365 that can allow you to replace spreadsheet-based workflows with collaborative and cloud-hosted lists.

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