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How to Fast Track Goal Achievement with Microsoft Viva Goals

How to Fast Track Goal Achievement with Microsoft Viva Goals

Businesses all want one thing, to achieve their goals, but for various reasons, goal achievement is slow. As a result, businesses are constantly looking for ways to organise and boost their goal tracking and achievement. Well, Microsoft is answering the call, and just brought out a new application to address goal tracking called Microsoft Viva Goals.

According to Vetro Vellore, the CVP for Viva Goals, 77% of employees want more meaning in their work, and that is what Viva Goals addresses. Viva Goals is a goal-setting and management solution that connects employees to broader organisational goals and enables leadership teams to bring clarity and purpose into their workflow. 

If you are a business leader, team lead, or manager, with a full Microsoft 365 integration, you can start boosting your business. Here are ways Viva Goals can help fast-track your goal achievement. 

What is Viva Goals?

Viva Goals is a new and powerful tool in the Microsoft Viva platform. Viva Goals was developed to enable collaboration around goals, including team development and motivation,

Integrated into Microsoft Teams, Viva Goals helps teams reach new heights, unlock their full potential, and manage goals and objectives. Also, this goal-tracking solution enhances the employee experience and creates a more agile and positive workplace.

Viva Goals is easy to integrate into the everyday routine and introduces the OKR framework to your team.

What is OKR?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a framework for goal setting and clarity. Championed by Google, OKR is the updated version of “smart goals.” It is designed to achieve measurable goals through outlined steps to get there, measures of success, and company-wide agility, alignment, and transparency.

Microsoft brings OKR with Viva Goals into the daily workflow of businesses, enabling adequate “Performance Management in the Flow of Work.” With this framework, your organisation can align and focus teams on building an engaging and productive work culture and shifting focus from daily output to work outcomes.

How Viva Goals Works

  • Creates clarity

In Microsoft Goals, your organisation has one centralised source to set goals, define success, monitor progress, and access performance. This helps you create clarity and alignment for your team and connect daily work to outcomes.

  • Shift focus to impact, not output

Viva Goals work to shift focus from effort and day-to-day activity to impact and results. In Viva Goal, anyone can share progress across the organisation or with a team. This allows your business to stay agile at scale.

  • Brings goals into the everyday workflow

With Viva Goals integrated into Microsoft Teams, you can keep goals and your project management tools at the top of your mind. You will be able to view actions and update progress.

How Viva Goals Can Help Fast Track Goal Achievements

Here are the benefits of using Viva Goals and how it can fast-track goal achievement

  • Enrich your team

Viva Goals ensures your teams always have realistic goals and objectives to work with. You are able to set goals and objectives that will be clear to your team or employees, enabling them to always be motivated to work on clear goals. This help boosts clarity and productivity.

  • Goal organisation

In Viva Goals, your organisation’s overarching goals are easily organised and presented, so you know where you are going. This helps you figure out what to do, where to go, and how to manage your employees better.

  • Increase profits

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” To increase profitability, everything has to be done in perfect timing and one way to achieve that and make the most of your time is to set goals. Your goals will be accomplished much more quickly if you ensure that your employees are operating successfully and efficiently.

  • Connects teams

With Viva Goals, teams are connected to their organisation’s strategic priorities and given clear directions and purpose across all levels. Having well-defined personal goals and more clarity regarding the organisational goals can help focus, influence, and motivate continuous growth.

  • Collaborate on tasks

Because remote and hybrid workers are taking over the business world, they want to feel connected to their teams and align with the organisation’s wide strategies. Viva Goals enable these employees better collaborate on tasks, share insights and outcomes with their other members and participate in group activities. This ensures that even remotely, your teams are on the same page, working together and bringing the business goals to life.

  • Celebrate success

Celebrating success is one way to fast-track goal achievement. With Microsoft Viva, you can monitor your team’s progress to ensure everyone is working efficiently and encourage them when necessary. Also, with Viva Goals, you can see which teams are performing well and reward their success.

Requirements for Microsoft Viva

To start with Viva Goals, you should already be using Microsoft 365 solutions. This is because Viva Goals must be integrated with Microsoft 365 applications. You will also need to have a license for Microsoft 365 and Viva Suite. 

Start Fast Tracking Your Goal Achievement with Viva Goals

If you are ready to fast-track your business goal achievement, get started with Viva Goals. At GKM2, we are happy to guide you through the process.

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