In today’s digital world, protecting your data is of the utmost importance. Without proper cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, you can be looking at a cost of approximately $220 AUD for every single record lost, according to IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report. 

Disaster in the form of data breaches, accidental deletion, and damage to your property and equipment can result in catastrophic data loss… unless you’re protected! 

GKM2 offers expert cloud backup in Sydney that ensures your data is always protected no matter what. Our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions run automatically in the background, storing your files safely offsite in a format that’s easily retrievable when you need it. 

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Benefits of Reliable Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery:

How Does Cloud Backup & Recovery from GKM2 Work?

GKM2 can tailor our backup and recovery solutions to your organisation’s needs. We’ll ensure that data on all pertinent devices is captured, whether that’s desktops/laptops, servers, or tablet/smartphones.

When you work with our backup and disaster recovery in Sydney, you’ll enjoy backups that work quietly in the background without taking up the resources you need to do your work.

If the time comes that you need your data restored quickly, our expert technicians will initiate the data recovery and get you back up and running fast to minimise any potential downtime.

Protect your company with a streamlined cloud backup solution:

  • Lower costs with no expensive hardware to purchase
  • Secure data safely offsite
  • Automated backups that reduce risk of human errors
  • Backups designed for disaster recovery
  • Encrypted backup to ensure the security of your data
  • Scalable solutions to fit your needs

Get Started with a GKM2 Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution

Your data is too important to risk. Let us help you keep it protected. Contact us today on +61 2 9161 7171 or via the link below to discuss your custom solution.