5 Benefits of Managed Security Services

5 Benefits of Managed Security Services

Cyber attacks are significant threats to online businesses today. As a result of the increasing number of larger and more complex attacks in the news, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly crucial for companies. As a result, most IT managers’ first concern is how to begin securing their organisation.

Due to the cost of outfitting a complete IT security department, most small and medium-sized businesses prefer to outsource their cybersecurity needs,  a model known as managed security services. This article will look at the benefits of managed security services.

Managed security services include round-the-clock security center and network monitoring, software security update management, vulnerability management, etc.

How Does Managed Security Services Work?

Managed security services work in two ways. The first is where the managed security service provider (MSSP) works from the organisation’s premises and is always at the company’s disposal. This option is ideal for enterprises that require a physical presence or further oversight.

The second way is to work remotely. This option is popular as it gives organisations more flexibility and access to a larger pool of service providers. Both options follow the same procedure when providing the security service, and these are:

  • Perform a preliminary assessment of the company’s security framework.
  • Make recommendations and carry out any necessary software updates.
  • Develop a management and administration action plan.
  • Patch and fix flaws within the company network
  • Create an incident response plan.
  • Respond to threats as soon as they arise.

5 Benefits of Using Managed Security Services

Let’s look at some benefits of using managed security services. 

     1. Helps You Keep a Close Eye on Advanced Threats

Cyber risks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), advanced malware (Trojans, viruses, and worms), and other harmful attacks are becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated for small and mid-size businesses. 

One of the advantages of using a managed security service (MSS)  is that it can supply sophisticated security technology and the most up-to-date threat intelligence to monitor and detect these dangerous, rising risks.

If your MSS provides Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), you’ll be able to quickly implement an active threat protection program while lowering expenses and increasing security.

     2. Manage Risk and Compliance

Industries today are heavily regulated for multiple reasons. Hence, it is vital to monitor your compliance level for regulatory purposes across PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA, and other regulations.

 Regulations change constantly, and when you combine them with the ever-evolving security solutions, it becomes harder for the average company to succeed. However, you can take advantage of the Risk Management and Compliance expertise and certification to protect your assets. 

     3. Gives You Access to The Latest Security 

The most effective cybersecurity tools are very expensive.  In order to stay under budget, some organisations choose to sacrifice their efficacy. Furthermore, new technologies are continuously being developed in response to new threats, putting additional burdens on strained finances.

MSS providers typically have large pockets which give them access to the latest and most effective security available. They may also be aware of technologies and resources unavailable to in-house teams. Your company benefits from the buying power of a cybersecurity services provider as a customer.

     4. 24/7 Security Coverage

Most businesses have one or two IT experts on the ground to deal with threats. But unfortunately, cyber attackers never sleep, and most attacks occur outside working hours, during the weekend or holidays. 

The ability to monitor the network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is critical for early detection of an active attack, which will allow the incident response to be initiated more quickly, decreasing the effect on the organisation.

Sadly, your in-house experts will not be enough to monitor your network constantly. But with a managed security service, you get access to a larger team that can work shifts and thoroughly monitor the network. 

     5. Save Technology Costs.

Putting together an IT security team for a company is costly. Because of the scarcity of IT security professionals, their salaries are considerable, and your company may require two or more to staff the team effectively. 

Furthermore, because cybersecurity is a 24-hour job, there may be additional costs involved with having your IT staff work unsociable hours or overtime. Aside from the costs of hiring and educating an expert with the relevant skills, there are also the costs of funding their training, specialty tools, and other expenses.

However, if you’re using a managed security service, you can purchase the talents you need whenever you need them.   Managed security services companies usually have a larger team with diverse expertise. As a customer, you benefit from each individual’s specialised abilities without paying for 100% of their time.

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