6 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Managed IT Services

Most small businesses are always looking for ways to stretch their monthly budget farther and they often do this by doing many things themselves.

For example, they may clean up their own office rather than hiring an outside service. They may push out their own social media content instead of paying a marketing firm.

But not all “do-it-yourself” measures are saving a business money. Take technology services as an example. Businesses that try to handle their IT on their own will usually end up spending more throughout the year due to computers and networks being unmanaged and cybersecurity issues occurring.

Managed IT services aren’t simply another expense, they’re a vital investment in keeping a business running and one that can actually lower your costs in several ways.

Each unmanaged computer costs a business an average of AU $7,000 per year.

Here’s how you can benefit from using managed IT services from GKM2 and help your small business become more efficient and lower your overhead.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Improves ROI of Equipment

Just like automobiles, when technology equipment isn’t properly maintained, it doesn’t last as long and can have costly problems.

Regular maintenance through managed IT services will proactively find things like fans that are wearing, enabling their replacement before they cause a huge overheating issue.

Properly maintained computers and servers will have a longer usable lifespan and increase your return on investment.

Helps You Avoid a Data Breach or Malware Infection

How secure is your Sydney business from a data breach?

Statistics from the Australian Government Initiative, “Stay Smart Online” show that small businesses can suffer high costs from just a single breach.

  • The average cost of a cyberattack is AU $276,323
  • 60% of all targeted attacks hit small and medium businesses
  • 50% of costs from a cyber incident are caused by web-based attacks and insiders (someone with legitimate login credentials)

Managed IT security services can help you keep your data and network secure from a breach or malware infection by employing several safeguards that directly address today’s threat landscape.

Benefits of our managed IT security services include:

  • Web protection
  • Managed patches & updates
  • Managed antivirus/anti-ransomware
  • Email filtering for phishing attacks
  • Security for SaaS applications

Predictable Monthly Technology Costs

When you’re trying to handle IT on your own and not proactively maintaining your technology infrastructure, you never know what your costs are going to be month to month.

You can think everything is going along fine and then suddenly get hit with a high repair cost out of the blue.

You can choose a managed IT plan that includes things like unlimited break/fix services and help desk support. This mitigates those unexpected costs and allows you to budget for your IT costs because they’re the same each month.

Reduces Downtime

Downtime is one of those costs that often flies under the radar because it doesn’t come with an invoice. Thirty minutes of downtime one day and an hour the next due to IT issues, can easily be missed when it comes to looking at your business costs.

But downtime has a very real cost to businesses in lost productivity, lost opportunity costs, and more.

The average cost for an Australian small business for downtime is over AU $2,000 per hour. Which means, IT issues that add up to just 30 minutes per day throughout your company, can mean a loss of AU $20,000 in a month.

One of the main goals of managed IT services is to keep downtime from happening. This is done by keeping a watchful eye on all your systems and addressing any potential issues before they result in downtime.

Improves Efficiency & Productivity

If your staff is working with cumbersome workflows, it leads to a drag on productivity. This is often the case when companies aren’t working with an IT professional that can help them make the most of platforms like Microsoft 365 and act as a resource for staff when they run into a software problem.

When your technology is running smoothly, your business is more efficient and you can increase productivity as a result.

Allows You to Focus on Your Business

When you’re handing IT on your own it has a tendency to take over your day. Just one incident can mean that you and several employees are off task and instead are putting out an “IT fire.”

When you have a managed services plan, instead of having to drop everything to tackle a Wi-Fi outage or software glitch, you can simply call your IT provider and continue focusing on your business while they handle your technology for you.

Choose a Managed IT Services Plan That Fits Your Needs

At GKM2, we know that IT services plans aren’t “one size fits all.” That’s why we offer three different plans, and optional add-ons, to fit every business size or need.

Contact us today to sign up and learn more. Call +61 2 9161 7171 or reach out online.