Microsoft Azure provides companies with the power to build, deploy, and manage cloud applications with full control. Do you need to connect cloud and on-premise solutions? Want to create a more consistent experience throughout your cloud applications? Azure can help you do that. 

Our Azure support specialists can handle your setup in Azure and make recommendations for an infrastructure that works for your business. Our Azure managed services, Sydney based, can give you the freedom you want without the learning curve. 

We’ll handle setup, deployment, ongoing management, and updates as needed, all to your specifications so you can use the cloud programs that can help your business get ahead, while staying in complete control of your technology infrastructure. 

Azure Managed Services

How Your Organisation Can Benefit from Azure Support in Sydney: 

How Does Azure Support from GKM2 Work?

You get the freedom to choose the applications, integrations, and tools that you want, we do all the heavy lifting. We’ll help you source the applications that will work best for your business or transfer the ones you’re already using to the secure Azure environment.  

Our Azure support is all-inclusive from setup to ongoing management to ensure your cloud infrastructure has minimal downtime and grows and evolves along with your business. 

Advantages of Working with Our Azure Specialists: 

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to recruit an internal Microsoft Azure administrator, and leverage our years of expertise. 
  • Enjoy cloud integrations across multiple platforms that enable data sharing and automation. 
  • Create a tailored cloud solution that fits your business like a glove. 
  • Have your data expertly migrated with minimal to no disruption. 
  • Reduce risk by using a platform with multiple security layers built in. 
  • Gain the benefit of hybrid cloud solutions, which leverage both on-premise and cloud programs. 

We are a proud Silver Microsoft Partner putting us in the top 5% of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Let’s Tailor an Azure Cloud Solution for You!

Enjoy freedom, security, and scalability with Azure managed services. Contact us today on +61 2 9161 7171 or via the link below to discuss your custom solution.