6 Powerful Ways to Digitise Your Business with Office 365

Technology can either hold a company back or help them get ahead of their competition. It has helped to level the playing field for many small businesses by giving them digital tools to operate efficiently and on par with larger companies, but for less cost.

Digitise Your Business with SharePoint & OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

What does it mean to digitise your business? It encompasses taking advantage of the efficiencies that technology has to offer by automating manual and paper-based processes and moving files and information from analog to digital formats.

A filing cabinet costs $25,000 to fill with paper files and $2,000 annually to maintain.

At GKM2, we provide IT support for accountants, solicitors/lawyers, and other small and medium-sized firms in and around Sydney, Australia. Helping transform their offices and lower costs through the process of digitalisation is one of our specialties. We focus on security, productivity, and effectiveness.

One of the investments that many offices make is Microsoft’s Office 365, but many of them aren’t yet using it to its fullest. We offer expert Office 365 support, which includes two great programs that can help kick-start any company’s move to less paper, less manual processes, and more digital efficiency.

Let’s discuss how those two programs, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, can help your office go digital and streamline your workflows.

What is OneDrive for Business & SharePoint?

One thing that we find often when assisting our clients with IT Help Desk services is that they often have tools that can help them reduce manual processes and improve productivity, but they simply don’t realise it.

SharePoint and OneDrive both come as part of the Office 365 subscription and often companies aren’t quite sure how to utilise them to the fullest.

Let’s start with a primer on what each application does, then we’ll tell you how each can help with office digitalisation.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business is a cloud-file storage system that allows you to save and sync files so they’re accessible from multiple devices.  OneDrive for Business allows you to sync shared folders such as your My Documents, Pictures and Desktop so they are accessible on all of your devices including Mobile Devices running the OneDrive application.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an application designed for team collaboration and file sharing that allows you to host internal and external websites to share information with colleagues, vendor partners, and customers.

SharePoint vs OneDrive

While both handle digital files and make it easy to store, find, and retrieve them, they have different purposes. OneDrive is more for singular saving, syncing and backing up of your files. SharePoint is designed for team collaboration, where files can be worked on by different people at the same time and then shared in a number of ways. Think of your OneDrive being your personal space where you can store My Documents, Pictures etc, and SharePoint being your shared company space similar to the traditional file server that you may be running on premises.  SharePoint can mimic your file server when it comes to security and sharing so you might have a Sites for Finance and Human Resources which is locked down to specific employees and then a general Clients Working area that is available to all staff.

Using OneDrive & SharePoint to Lower Costs & Boost Productivity

Here are some of the valuable ways you can use these two Office 365 applications to streamline your office and save money.

OneDrive: Save Email Attachments Automatically

Searching through past emails to try to find an attachment can be time-consuming and printing them all out is costly. Email programs can also get sluggish if you’re keeping too many attachments in your mail folders.

Using Outlook, you can automatically save mail attachments to OneDrive which makes them accessible from any device and frees up space in your email program.

SharePoint: Keep on Track with Workflows

Using SharePoint workflows allows you to cut out manual tasks such as collecting signatures or following up with someone to see if they’ve completed their portion of a task.

Some time-saving automations with SharePoint workflow include:

  • Due date reminders
  • Approvals and reviews of any documents
  • Assigning tasks
  • Scheduling vacations or time off requests

OneDrive: Save Corporate Photos & Videos

Do you have different staff members who may be taking photos at trade shows, videos of client projects, or other digital assets that need to be centralized into a single place, so they aren’t lost?

By having your team download the OneDrive app on their smartphones, you can enable a setting that will automatically upload any corporate images or video they take to OneDrive so they’re stored safely with other corporate assets

SharePoint: Keep Teams Connected with SharePoint Sites

There’s often a disconnect between different departments, which can put a company at a disadvantage. Sharing of information from a technical team to a sales team, for example, can be time-consuming if you’re trying to keep everyone updated via email.

Imagine if each department could easily create their own mini website, accessible internally, upon which any files or information they wanted to share with the other departments could be done in a more dynamic way. That’s one of the key features of SharePoint. It’s really a whole new way of sharing information that’s both engaging and time-saving.

OneDrive: Search Files in Seconds

If you’re still tied to paper files because you’re afraid you won’t be able to find what you need as easily in digital format, then you should try out the search capability of OneDrive.

It’s designed for quick and easy keyword searching so you can find any folder or document in seconds, and in much less time than trying to locate a paper file.

SharePoint: Much more than just a file server replacement

GKM2 have extensive experience with SharePoint since its inception almost 20 years ago. We have migrated terabytes of fileserver data into SharePoint and provided many customers with the flexibility to work from any device from anywhere. SharePoint is not just a document management system, but a content management system allowing you to create Intranet Portals utilising SharePoint Pages, SharePoint Lists, Document Libraries and much more.

All content stored in SharePoint is text searchable allowing you to easily locate the information in seconds. You can create a separate SharePoint site for each Business Unit or Department in your organisation and store all the relevant information pertaining to that department in one location. This then becomes the single source of truth for your entire organisation. The opportunities and efficiencies are endless when information is stored in SharePoint with features such as auto versioning, document co-authoring and full-text search.  There is also a compliance centre that wraps around SharePoint giving you further insight into the information being stored and how it is being consumed and utilised.

Would You Like to Learn More Office 365 Support Tips?

We have only just touched the surface on how OneDrive and SharePoint can help digitise your business.  GKM2 can help you get the most of your Office 365 applications and do more with the technology you already have. We’d love to talk to you about your business and see how we can help make a positive difference.

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