6 Great Ways You Can Start Using SharePoint Right Now to Streamline Your Workflows

6 Great Ways You Can Start Using SharePoint

Some Microsoft Office programs are immediately understood, while others aren’t fully utilised because people aren’t quite sure what they do.

Most offices can jump right into workhorses like Word and Excel but might be looking at that SharePoint app that came with their Office 365 subscription and are at a loss of how they’re supposed to use it.

Cloud computing has transformed offices and allowed them to do more for less cost. In many ways, it’s helped level the playing field, giving small businesses a way to compete and optimize their operations without a big cost outlay.

But some companies don’t take full advantage of the tools they have at their disposal, which means they’re left behind, still doing things manually and missing opportunities to shine.

80% of small businesses aren’t taking full advantage of digital tools.

One of the tools that can help companies take a huge leap forward in streamlining their workflow and boosting their tech savvy reputation is SharePoint.

Using SharePoint to the Fullest

SharePoint is a company-wide intranet that can be accessed from any device, meaning you don’t have to be at the office to connect to it. It includes several powerful functions that all integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft programs, such as Word, Excel, Teams, Outlook, and more.

Rather than being just a file sharing platform, SharePoint takes collaboration into a visually engaging and dynamic environment by the use of team sites. These mini websites make it easy to keep everyone in your organisation informed and up to date on company news and other information.

Once you start using SharePoint to manage knowledge, content, and applications, you’ll find that your team is working more cohesively and spending much less time trying to track down files and information.

Here are some of the best ways to start using SharePoint right now.

1. Use Team Sites to Share Important Information

How many times does your HR administrator need to get the same forms to different employees? Instead, they can set up a SharePoint team site that includes common forms your company uses, like a vacation request form.

When each department in your organisation has the ability to easily communicate news, alerts, or offer files for download on their “mini-sites” it not only keeps everyone connected, it also improves workflows and saves time.

2. Share Common Resources in a Company Wiki

Do you hate losing hard won knowledge when an employee moves on? Capture your team’s collective knowhow and keep it forever by using SharePoint for a company Wiki.

The platform makes it easy to add and update information and allows for easy keyword searching. So, when you have a new staff member needing to find where you order your company brochures, instead of looking through old invoices, they can simply check the online company Wiki in seconds.

3. Automate Approvals, Tasks, and Notifications

If you’re paying for a separate project management application, you might not need to anymore once you start using SharePoint. Connecting the platform to Microsoft Flow and Power Apps enables all types of automations that save you time and keep projects moving forward.

Free up time from recurring manual tasks by configuring alerts when a task reaches the next process or when an approval is needed for the next step. You can also reduce manual entry by pulling entered data from a program like Microsoft Dynamics to into a SharePoint list that can be used in other applications.

4. Supercharge Your Sales Efforts

SharePoint sites can be enabled to be seen by others outside your organisation, which gives your sales team a great way to provide industry or customer-specific information on a sales portal page.

Instead of needing to remember to email that brochure or product video to that new lead once they get back to their desk, they can simply share a custom SharePoint page that’s designed with everything a potential customer needs to know about your product or service. Not only does this save same, it also makes you stand out from your competition.

5. Sync Documents for Collaborative Editing

Often more than one person will need to work on the same presentation or spreadsheet at the same time Using SharePoint to store and sync your documents, offers some key advantages:

  • Everyone can immediately update the file to include the latest edits made
  • You don’t get lost wondering which version is the most updated
  • All your files stay on the company SharePoint platform rather than being spread across multiple computers
  • Sharing files, even large ones, is simple
  • You have control over file security and access

6. Create a Discussion Board

Empower your employees to ask questions or discuss work-related topics by creating a SharePoint Discussion Board. It can be organised by topics based on things like departments or those designed to gather opinions.

For example, your marketing team could post a new campaign concept and ask everyone to give their opinion on the discussion board. This is another way that SharePoint helps you communicate efficiently and dynamically.

Request a SharePoint Demonstration

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